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  1. I know the forum isn't very active anymore, but I had to post that I found 3 caches in Thailand this week. Woohoo!
  2. Kenny! Thanks for the howdy. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge, I just now looked at the forum again. We aren't doing a lot of caching, though we just found some fun caches up at the summit of hwy 4. Hope all is well with you.
  3. Way to go Bill! I always like to see people get their SUVs dirty.
  4. I haven't posted anything is a long time, but I wanted to let you know that Ted and Rosa have now found a cache on Bora Bora! We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a cruise on the Star Flyer, and managed to grab this cache at the same time.
  5. What are bug words? Is that like caterpillar and centipede?
  6. Somehow, I pictured Bill in something more like this:
  7. Hey this legal threat stuff really works! Thanks Ted! Wow! That has to be the easiest legal work I've ever done. By the way Tom, where should I send the bill. Ted: Bill the farmer Green Achers Ripon, CA 95366 So... A lawyer dies and gets met at the gates of hevan. St. Peter meets him and says , looks like you've lived a full life. The lawyer replies, 'Full life? I'm hardly 40 years old. How can you say I've had a full life? After double checking the records, St. Peter says, 'Well, according to your billable hours, you're over 100!' Now I'm going back to my work shop. Lots to do. Aren't farmers the ones who get paid for NOT growing things?
  8. Hey this legal threat stuff really works! Thanks Ted! Wow! That has to be the easiest legal work I've ever done. By the way Tom, where should I send the bill.
  9. Not sure I understand the question, since Redneck Stonehenge isn't a cache, but Where's That Valet is a great cache to find with a group of friends on a cool spring or fall day. Nice easy hike, history, scenery... All the things that make geocaching fun.
  10. What kind of "pole" would that be? Totem pole, telephone pole, pole vault pole, north pole, south pole, tent pole?
  11. computer glitch, Thanks Bill Gates!
  12. Welcome! Valley Springs and San Ramon are both close enough to be part of CVC (central valley cachers). This is the best group in the world. No initiation fees, no dues, no mandatory meetings. Just some good natured ribbing once we get to know you. Check in frequently to see what's new, and try to come to one of our get-togethers so you can put a face with a caching name. If you have any questions or need help, let us know.
  13. Actually, I've been looking at some hiking caches, like Burning Bush. May go in med-Sep or ealy October. What would you think of the weather at the bush (for tent camping) about then? Anyone familiar with campgrounds in that general area? Well, here's a couple pictures of the Lake Alpine campgrounds taken this past Memorial Day weekend.
  14. Yes! 4,000 years old is a great cache if you like driving back roads and finding a surprise at the end. We just did it a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Plan at least 2 hours from the time you leave hwy 108. You even get to drive through 3 creeks on your way!
  15. Bill: I don't care if you only find one cache per month. Anyone who can win the Tad Gear Quest is a Geocaching God!
  16. Try this url http://i.pbase.com/u40/michigan_aerials/la...NTHEYAPPEAR.jpg This is what I get with your link. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /u40/michigan_aerials/large/26244039.OBJECTSINMIRRORCLOSERTHANTHEYAPPEAR.jpg on this server. Apache/2.0.58 (Unix) Server at i.pbase.com Port 80
  17. I guess there is supposed to be a picture where it says "IPB image". How come I don't see it? Is it some kind of conspiracy?
  18. He who is without sin cast the first stone.?? Wouldn't be many rocks flying with this group, LOL.
  19. Judge faxed: Request approved. I'm confused, who's on trial here?
  20. Did somebody say lines were being drawn?
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