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  1. I use this radio in my adventures as well. An when I'm out in the boonies, I set up the D-710 in my Jeep to digi and I can track myself even further of the beaten path.
  2. Thanks, I'm just an amateur! And your talking about CB. Real amateus don't do that. For Shame
  3. I used the crappy stock antenna the other day to open a cold one
  4. You can try the Terracache.com website. They don't dictate what kind of cache you can list on their site.
  5. VE6NS

    Caching Net

    I did find *CANADIAN* but cound not see *HF_RADIO*.
  6. VE6NS

    Caching Net

    Seems to be a bit of a chore to get set up net on echolink. Why not try something on QsoNet. Go to https://qsonet.com/ , download and install. I do hope a frequency can be agreed upon easier than the 147.555 simplex one on vhf
  7. Now just get the Powers to be to list it as one on their website.
  8. You will need to unplug the cable from the HT to use voice, plus you will need to move off 144.390 to a voice frequency as well.
  9. 146.520 In reading up on QRZ.com, the concensus among the amateur community is to QSY to another frequency once contact on the calling frequency is made. This is said to apply to the HF, VHF, and UHF allocations. So if this is indeed the preferred practise, or as it was put on the Zed a Gentlemans agreement, what should the frequency be that the hamcaching community QSY's to? We wouldn't want to violate a Gentlemans Agreement steeped in tradition now, would we?
  10. VE6NS

    Radio Net

    I believe there is only a couple of hams in my area that cache. Industry Canada(your FCC) shows almost 200 licensed amateurs within 50 miles of the home qth, but I imagine only 20 or so actually active, and 5 or 6 with aprs. Even I haven't fired up the HF rig in quite some time. Oh well, with a bit of luck maybe enough interest will show up on the boards to get something going. 73 Shawn
  11. Anyone find anything on Echolink yet?
  12. VE6NS

    Radio Net

    A caching frequency has been has been discussed but nothing could be agreed on, although 147.555 was tossed around quite a bit. 147.555 As for a net, there was once an Echolink node up for a bit, but seemed to die due to lack of interest. Echo Link Hope you have better luck than some others in the past with this. 73 Shawn VE6TEQ
  13. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...amp;hl=echolink Check this out. Havn't heard anyone on it though
  14. Check it out http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...amp;hl=echolink
  15. There used to be a Geocaching net on Echolink Node 243320. Haven't heard it in a while.
  16. I recently picked up a Yaesu VX-3. Great little radio so far. Might want to check it out. VX-3
  17. And if your a Canuck, check out http://rac.ca/ VE6TEQ
  18. heck out this site. It may help you. http://byonics.com/
  19. Why is it automatically the hider is the one that has the wrong coords. Could the finder not be the one that has the less accurate gpsr? I have a couple of caches listed on another site and everytime time I go to check on it, I get a different reading using the same gpsr. There are too many factors involved. If anyone is heading out to fnd a cache with full expectations that the cache is located at the exact coords posted will be in for a long day.
  20. I don't know how one thinks that coordinates are off. Older GPSr's have an accuracy with up to 10m discrepency while the newer ones are supposedly 3m. That means the coords could vary from 6m-20m. Ther is a benchmark at the corner of my block that I use to check my GPSr accuracy.... from bang on to 11m in discrepency. I guess I should contect the Government and let them know that their brass cap keeps moving.
  21. Right again David!!! (almost ). Done discussing and on to other things. Hope your summer was good and may just see you caching out and about. Shawn
  22. Not much to wonder. I chaulk it up to a difference in guideline interpretation and personal interaction!
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