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  1. Why is it automatically the hider is the one that has the wrong coords. Could the finder not be the one that has the less accurate gpsr? I have a couple of caches listed on another site and everytime time I go to check on it, I get a different reading using the same gpsr. There are too many factors involved. If anyone is heading out to fnd a cache with full expectations that the cache is located at the exact coords posted will be in for a long day.
  2. I don't know how one thinks that coordinates are off. Older GPSr's have an accuracy with up to 10m discrepency while the newer ones are supposedly 3m. That means the coords could vary from 6m-20m. Ther is a benchmark at the corner of my block that I use to check my GPSr accuracy.... from bang on to 11m in discrepency. I guess I should contect the Government and let them know that their brass cap keeps moving.
  3. Right again David!!! (almost ). Done discussing and on to other things. Hope your summer was good and may just see you caching out and about. Shawn
  4. Not much to wonder. I chaulk it up to a difference in guideline interpretation and personal interaction!
  5. I couldn't decide which one to post, so here are both of them. 02 Wrangler 07 Patriot
  6. I believe we all know the likes of the one you describe. Complain about everyone elses caches and leaves the negative comments for all to read. IGNORE THEM!!!
  7. No. OK, thanks. I see the BS still roams freely on the boards and oh so many Self proclaimed "PROFESSIONAL CACHERS" and the ever popular "CACHE COPS" still must spout their knowledge of the rules and regulation of caching. I really wish someone could post a link to these written in stone rules as all I can find on the site is a list of guidelines.
  8. It has been a while since I've been to the forums, and I remembered rather quickly why I don't frequent it very often. Couldn't resist this one though. Question?? If a log book goes missing from a cache, the logbook gets wet and the pages stick together with no way of separating them without destroying pages, or you were unable to decipher the chicken scratch log entry, would I be safe in assuming that all logs should be deleted as there is no way to confirm if the online logs were legit? Just curious as I have seen caches with the logbooks missing, the logbook soaked or wet in the past and dried shut, and have not been able to read some of the penmanship on the log.
  9. I think that we should just agree to disagree on this one. No sense in beating each other up over something that neither one of us has any control over. Coffee?????? Still a bit early in the week to make plans but the possibility is there. I'll keep you posted.
  10. Leave it sit outside in a clear spot for a few hours. I did this with mine to reset the location. After that is only took a couple of minutes.
  11. Just post a note above his found log letting everyone know what he did. It will be there for everyonr to read, even if he deletes his find.
  12. Being one of the highest taxed industrial countries I wonder why the roads are in poor condition, Post secondary education is a dream for many young people, and waiting list for years for certain medical procedures. In my childrens school, my wife and many others, for years had to fundraise to purchase new playground equipment because there was no money available to the schools to replace old equipment. Two years of drip pails all over their school on rainy days because the money was not available for repairs. These are just a few of the things that I feel tax dollars would be beter spent than to promote treasure hunts around a province that I do not even live in.
  13. And I hope you will contact the Federal Minister of Tourism and suggest that a greater benifit would be devrived if the entire country were promoted to the established geocaching fraternity since the lionshare of the PEI money came from the Feds.
  14. Top 15 reasons why Caching is better than Sex: 1. You can GET caches without trying very hard. 2. You can safely hunt caches when you are driving. 3. You can make caching last as long as you want it to. 4. You can cache in public. 5. Two people of the same sex can have cache without being called nasty names. 6. The word "commitment" doesn't scare off caches. 7. You can have caches on top of your desk during work hours without upsetting your workmates. 8. You can ask a stranger to cache without getting your face slapped. 9. Caching can't get you pregnant. (Well……) 10. You can cache at any time of the month. 11. You can share caches without fear of catching anything really horrible. 12. Caches won't mind if you have other caches. 13. You are never too young or too old for caching. 14. When you cache, it doesn't keep the neighbors awake. 15. You know that caching is always going to be enjoyable
  15. Now I know why these were so cheap. Now I wish I'd bought that Garmin.
  16. sounds pretty similar to this... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=144711 Call back and talk to someone better. Not much they can do he said as the unit is about 16 months old. Guess I'll take the $161.72 CDN + tx & shipping and purchase an Etrex yellow or Camo as I do have a GPSmap 60Cx and only really need it for backup.
  17. All the pins seem to be fine though there is not an awful lot of room to check in.
  18. Garmin said that they have never heard that problem before. Thet were the ones that told me to try the reset. When that didn't work they gave me the address of their authorised service center and the service center said "Garmin established a flat rate repair cost for each model. The Legend C is $161.72 CDN + tx & shipping."
  19. I own a LegendC and it has been an excellent little unit. A few weeks ago I noticed it locked up. I had it plugged into the lighter and when I went to push a button, nothing happened. I tried all the buttons and nothing happened. I unplugged the unit and everything worked again. I took the unit into the house and tried it on the computer cable. Same thing. If I plugged the cable in and then turned the unit on it works fine, but I am unable to load anything onto the unit. The computer does not recognize the unit. I tried a reset, but nothing happened except now I have to manually put in all my waypoints. Any ideas
  20. And when there are ridiculous amounts of people in the hobby, then what? No places to hide caches! Complaints of trespassing! Area closed to caches (National Parks). I'd be very interested in what the City of Med Hat has to say about caches in parks. Just a few short weeks ago I was told that I was no longer able to drive under the TC Highway Bridge past the two bridges because now the City deemed it a natural park. A few fools getting stuck prompted that decision I was told. No big stink has been made to date about caching in the city, but get a few thousand people out and then see. . Now I want to see the sport grow to, but let it grow without federal dollars. When the feds invest in something, it can all go south in a hurry(see FEDERAL SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL and/or GUN REGISTRY) How many of your caches have you received permission to place in the parks system? How much damage would be done in Police Point Park should 5000 people per year leave the ESTABLISHED trail system to venture 10-15" off the path, push back some branches and maybe roll a log off then back on to get at a cache. I think the City would put the brakes on our hobby in a hurry if they ever thought it might happen. Something to consider when you want to share a hobby with the masses. And just a side note on hobbies. I fish. Have for nearly 40 years. Alberta promoted fishing to the four corners of the earth for years. People came, they destroyed, and now have we have some of the most restrictive regulations in place because the hundreds of thousands of anglers have almost collapsed the fisheries to the point that certain lakes and streams that were some of my favorite spots are permanently closed. Special permits to catch one fish in one lake per tag. Now really not comparing apples to oranges, but it does show what can happen with overpromotion. We really should catch up and chat over coffee sometime.
  21. Public money funds all kinds of hobbies, many of which couldn't happen if there wasn't public money. JD Ok, let me rephrase. I am still against Federal money being used to promote regional activites. Local and provincial governments should be responsible for this. With such diversity in this country the Federal government cannot do something in one part without offending people in anther part. This thread is well on its way to demonstrate this. IMHO Defence, healthcare, education, basic living standards, and promoting Canada as a whole should be the bulk of the responsibilities of the feds. My beliefs are that government(all branches) have way to much to do with how we live our day to day lives and it frustrates me to no end that anyone with an idea figures that it is the responsibility of the Federal government to see that it becomes reality.
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