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  1. I sent 2 out to germany back in mid october. I've been keeping in touch with the buyer, and we had decided a refund was in order on feb 1 due to it being lost in the mail. I was checking my mail before posting her refund, and the coins finally made it back to me. If not i would have activated them as part of the return process. Luckily im in the process of trying to get them thier coins a second time. Never thought they would be returned to me, 3 1/2 months later. Gelugon
  2. okay, Im in. I know last time I let some of you down, because I was unable to follow thru. This is also not a great time for me, but I have a backup plan, incase work gets the best of me again, which it might. E-mail sent Gelugon
  3. Very nice looking coin, congratz to all who have received one.
  4. Very nice looking coin, congratz to all who have received one.
  5. I saw the mailman come by today while I was messing around in the garage and didn't think much about it and continued my work. Finally decided to retrieve the trash can and grabbed the mail, with in the stack of election junk mail and all the bills, I find my geocoin club coin, and I see MR GRAY as a return address on an envelope. Knowing what it was I come inside to read the letter on the mysterious sheet of very thin piece metal that appears to be a paper type substance. This will be my first mystery geocoin, and I can’t wait for the moment that it arrives. I’m sure if half the thought that was put into the letter, was put in designing the coin it will be stunning. As expected with a letter of this type, I found something weird. I received #026! I was born on the 26th. Coincidence?? I’d like to think not. I have followed all instructions given, and I’m waiting for further direction. Thank you Mr. Gray!
  6. Thanks for the remint, reservation sent!!
  7. I think I'm number 000, no envelope here either. Gratz to everyone who is getting them, cant wait to see what comes out of this...
  8. I'm already starting recieved some trades, seattle arrived today they look great, but no e-mail with confirmation and no coins yet . I will get them out ASAP when they come in. I'm going out of town next week end so I hope to get them early in the week so I can get them out before I have to leave.
  9. Never lost, just misplaced with lots of other Caching gear... I found my goodie bag about 2-3 weeks ago, behind my tool box in the garage, and my stamps were in there. How it got there I'll knever know, but its be located and thats all that matters. Now the ones the kids got ahold of ??? uhhh that one I believe is gone, but I do thank Scifi for taking the time to make this stamp for me 3 times. It gets better with every version .
  10. I finally got mine activated and dropped off. Where can I locate this standings sheet??
  11. Well I dont have any Mystery coins. I wont purchase any or trade for any because I feel that takes away a certain element of the coin. It wouldnt matter if you got the coin from the mystery coin designer, or someone else, the true mystery is not knowing who sent it to you, or why they chose you to send it to.
  12. Better late than never, but I've added our name to the list. 01. Avroair --- Seattle 02. BAT --- Northeast Illinois 03. ELTADA --- Ontario 04. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO 05. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic 06. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC 07. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5 08. kayakerinme - Portland Maine 09. NOSNOW - Minnesota (Twin Cities) GC2C0TP 10. Space Coast Geocachers Merritt Island, FL 11. hjnielsen - Kaysville, Utah 12. LionsLair - Forgotten Coast, Florida (Apalachicola/Mexico Beach) 13. AlliedOz - Perth, Western Australia 14. JoenSue - New Jersey 15. AtlantaGal - South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) 16. mmacgown - Long Island, New York 17. anne.and.eli - Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA 18. Cache_in_Hand, MustangJoni & Hedge Hopper - Dallas, TX 19. fatkidsOTWunite - Georgia (Columbus) 20. Vanelle - Ithaca, NY 21. Cache Addict - Denver, Colorado 22. mar-elendili - Switzerland 23. GeoGerms and 808ladybug - O'ahu, Hawai'i 24. WebXXI & Fraldinhas - Portugal 25. Lizzardman - UK 26. Lag Pins - Ft Myers, FL 27. mattfamily - Akron, Ohio 28. Cache Kitty ---- Lafayette, Indiana 29. Lost-A-Pair - Bend, Oregon (Central Oregon) 30. Gelugon - Emerald Coast, NW Florida
  13. Nice coin, I had a similar design in mind (its been on the back burner for about 1 year now though) but I was unsure how the presidents would come out. I would love to get one, and I like the 1st pic the best.
  14. Here is the Emerald Coast Florida version. Still waiting on getting our event published, should be up tomorrow I hope. Do we have a count of how many different versions there are yet? Anyone looking to trade please PM me.
  15. Congratz to everyone that has recieved one of the awesome coins. I had the pleasure of having Scificollector show his off to me proudly. (cant say that I blame him there tho.) I love the whole theme thats goes with this coin as well.
  16. E-mail sent and fingers crossed
  17. I'm looking forward in seeing some updated designs or new designs soon. Already thinking of Ideas for this event.
  18. Time to start refreshing again!!
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