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  1. It's been mentioned, but, I'd like a expandable slot for more memory. Roadway57
  2. Can't add much to this thread. I had always heard that they were set up for lefties. I have a legend and like it. The new Megellans sound good. I like the fact that Megellans can take an SD card - more memory. Roadway57
  3. In addition to what Briansnat states some people might also list caches that they had hidden that are in the region. While not a calling card, I have recently done caches that someone made a mailing label with their ID on it that they simple peel-and-stick in the log book. But as a cache owner, I'd take that badly, sorta like "well, so much for this cache, gatta run to the next one now" Roadway57
  4. I like the wire idea. like some of the others, I don't know if I would take it all the time, just when I want to place an ammo box up high. You might want to add carabiners to that list. Roadway57 edited for spelling
  5. If you want to be a FTF you will be better served to check your state home page several times a day and have you cache bag and your GPSr ready to go in a moments notice. Roadway57
  6. Another vote for the Legend. It is easy to enter waypoints via the click-stick if he doesn't want to get on line to download them. Which ever GPSr you get, get a mapping one. they are more versatile. Roadway57
  7. It's true that the customer isn't always right. And it's also true that some customers are just more trouble than they are worth. However, can't the customer even occasionally be right? If they were a regular customer and the worker did something that would cause the business bad relations then the customer would be right in bringing this to the owners attention, IMHO. Roadway57
  8. what he said. ebay does this a lot!!!!
  9. FTF can be tough. there are some people that cache on their job time, just to get the FTFs Hang in there, you get a few Roadway57
  10. IMHO, my $ 0.02 and field experience is to hold it horizontally. Roadway57
  11. Im certainly going to be keeping an eye out for your first cache hide . I have to agree with WH here. All I have done on my caches for FTF is a certificate. Good luck on your first cache outing.
  12. I read an article in our local paper about geocaching, looked up this wonderful website, got my GPSr about 12 months ago and have been hooked on it since. What makes it so great is the fact that it takes you to places you would have never seen if it weren't for that cache at the end of the trail. Roadway57
  13. Actually I started at midnight and got to the last one at 9:18 PM. I also lost 1 hour to construction and road work and closed parks and another hour to getting majorly stuck in some clay type mud so that would make the per hour count slightly higher. that makes it EVEN MORE AMAZING I dare i say (with respect) BOW to your GREATNESS that is, IMHO, a much better record or accomplishment than the 240 +/- by a team. I'd be worn out by 30 or 50. i'm like Joypa, I quit. cache me in Roadway57
  14. WOW!!! that is incredible 90 in 24 hours. that is an average of 3.75 per hour or 16 minutes per cache. Roadway57
  15. yep, the MapSource if WELL worth the money. Not only for the maps, but the points of interest, addressing, and other features make it a bargain. Congrats on the GPSr, welcome to the wonderful sport of ours. Good luck on the first find!!!
  16. while in Austin, make sure you do GC4677. It is not a cemetery, but one interesting cache. Roadway57
  17. an article in that magazine will bring us new cachers. GREAT PR!!!!
  18. Let's just hope that Jeanne doesn't churn up the waters to bring her back. the guys on CSI Miami might pin it on someone
  19. First off, welcome to the sport and/or maddness. I have a Garmin Legend so I'll try to explain the difference. Wtih the GOTO you will get an arrow pointing to the cache location and a distance. Depending on the model and software you have, the map shows you the road or highway system. BTW, go ahead and purchase the mapping software if you have a mapping GPSr. Roadway57
  20. roadway57

    Test 2

    this must be a pop quiz, 'cause I didn't know we were having a test.
  21. there is some indication of size in the decription, that being a PVC pipe. Now you are correct in wandering exactly what size of PVC pipe. It has had TB activity so it does not appear to be a micro. I agree, and am guilty myself, there are a larger number of micros being put out now. Roadway57
  22. I'd like to know the whole process also. Add me to the list. roadway57
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