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  1. Does anyone bother to contact the CO's of such caches? Or do we take one look at it and start to bash him/her? I can't speak for all of them but I can about this particular cache. I use a MAC and have never used GSAK. I have wanted to do this cache for some time now. I contacted the CO and explained my situation. I sent him a my finds query in an email and he ran it through the macro for me. I thanked him for his time and jumped on a plane. Not only did I do this cache I did a few others while out there including Earthcaches. Funny thing is, I had not one problem logging any of his caches. It makes me wonder, is it possible some people treat others the way they are treated. If that's the case don't you think it's interesting that people that dish it out and can't take like to complain about it?
  2. You do not have to alter anything. If I see a Challenge I do not find interesting, I just don't do it. I really don't care if there's a 1000 day streak cache down the street from my house. Why do people feel they need to find everything out there. There are plenty of lamp post caches around here that I dislike even more. I don't sit here and bitch about them. I simply ignore them.
  3. Your new search feature is garbage. Why can't you people stop fixing things that are not broken?
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