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    Dont knock CB! Has its place in the world, ( CQDX11.com ) and a very enjoyable hobby if you have a thick skin. It was some thing that got a lot of hams on their way in the hobby to full calls later on. :LOL
  2. Hmmm .... are you referring to my post?? If so - you are so waaaaay off base. I was not bragging about passing. Read it again. I have not passed any course. I do not even start my course until May 1st. I was talking about personal benefits of going to classes with a local club. With regards to passing scores: I only was referring to requirements. A pass mark of 70% is minimum to get a basic license. The license will be catagorized as "Basic", meaning there are some limitations. A pass mark of 80% is required to be able to transmit with less limitations. The license will be catagorized as "Basic with Honours", meaning there will be less restrictions than "Basic", but still more restrictions than "Basic with Advanced". So .... do you think I am bragging, just because I want to try to do my very best on a test that I have not even taken yet? Rather than get into an argument, I will just say that I think your post was rude and not what I would expect from a ham radio person. And yes, I have downloaded all the pre-course reading material, including the practice test module, which I use every night. I am in Canada, and our license terminology may be different ..... but still WHOAAA! Often wondered about the Yank/Canuck thing... Glad your doing the ham test and not getting on CB! Other hams will probably tolerate your short fuse thats bound to show on air sometime... Anyway good luck in the test, hope you get it OK and can DX the world while geocaching.
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