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  1. You have seen our dollar tank and decided to take the family on holiday to Australia ? (if you have you better look me up or I will tell customs you have brought some fruit with you and they will lock you up :0)
  2. Ye gods ! Tis another miracle, like thy angel of thy lord that cometh unto Mary, a new tranquility is born. And so it was named "Ye can fool all ye people some of thy time". For unto those that have pockets deep as thy eternal waters I say this, thy laird of thy castle shall forever provideth ye new tranquilities.
  3. You dare speaketh one of thy profane questions. Lest you be met with thy unholy silence such as warrants a creeping thing I shall also enquire. O High Priestess. Keeper of thy sacred parchment. We beseach of thee. Answer us truly. I - What number of each edition hath been struck ? II - Are thy holy remints exactly alike as thy holy first editions ? III - How doth thy mint maketh so many mistakes ? IV - Shall one expecteth more mistakes to miraculously appear from thy great castle ?
  4. Hi, O.K. here goes. There are some nice coins out there that I would like but there is only one that I feel I need. I am seeking a Knights Templar in black nickel to complete my Templar collection. I have been fortunate and have a spare 2 tone to trade for it. I am also happy to buy it. I stumbled onto geocoins while researching the Templars. BTW they always used the coins of whatever country they happened to be in. Email me. PM me. Carrier pigeon me. Whatever.
  5. ...by the way, do you have the "light" rhodium or the "light" gold. they are two different coins. the rhodium is more silver than gold. the gold is gold.... rsg ...It is hard for me to tell the difference between the two, but it is the one that LadyBee4T had up on the auction for Tod. I bid on it because I was curious about the Tranquility coins and because of the goal of the auction. I got more than I bargained for ... On the "Light" versions you will find it easier to tell the difference in daylight, especially if you look at the writing in the middle of the back side. If you get a Dark Rhodium however, you will probably find the opposite is true. To me that looks like silver under a light globe but gold in daylight :-) And if you photograph it, the picture could turn out any which way. Be careful of the photographs on e$ay, better to put more faith in the description (but thats not always the case either). Hopefully RSG will photograph her collection and update a number (or all) of the pictures on geocoincollection (your Tranquility Phd dissertation awaits :0)
  6. Hi, I am looking for the following : Templar Black Nickel Templar Nickel Compass Rose 2008 (Yime Edition) I have the following to trade : Templar 2 tone Four Muskateers Black & Gold Claddagh Red & Gold Tranquility Portugal Gold I will consider trading two of Mine if ya got a Yime
  7. LOL! Change your votes around now! How about this for walking a grey line Favourite = Knights Templar 2 tone Most Classic = 2007 Compass Rose 2 tone Most Beautiful = Tranquility Purple Haze Nickel Most Secret Agent = Licence To Cache Bronze Most Avroair = 2008 Personal Nickel I have to think up something "Most" for the Brahean now Its analogous to Polygamy, "I love them all your honour"
  8. The exchange rate is a bummer at the moment but comparred with what I have been shelling out on epay (when our dollar was almost on par) its a bargain. Reserved 3
  9. Thanks for the trade Mark! I sent yours out on Thursday.
  10. That turned out great. I agree that the Tranquility is the most beautiful design. The only coin that comes close IMO is the 2007 Compass Rose 2tone (polished gold & nickel). I would love to see a picture of the other new Tranquility.
  11. Nice coin. I would add wire frame satelites on front, put the tracking number and all the text on the sides and add the Geocaching logo in the middle of the gold circle on the back. That way when someone picks it up and they don't recognise the geocaching logo they will only discover what it is by looking on the sides. Then it will realy look like something from the future! If you could press a button and have it play a bit of Philip Glass that would be ideal
  12. A dream geocoin - a multi spinner with globe, compass and zodiac in ye olde bronze :-)
  13. 1 - Antique Copper 2 - Antique Gold 3 - Antique Silver
  14. Awesome coin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. avroair "To me antique gold and antique bronze are too hard to distinguish. " And the antique bronze 2007 Compass Rose looks like brass :-) southpawaz "If you bought it from the Castle site, you could probably log in and review your past invoices to find out which it was sold as." I wouldn't count on that. I just purchased a "Dark Gold" from the castleman and it turned out to be a Dark Rhodium. I am keeping it though : - ) Guess he didn't have it under the right light. Dark Rhodium looks Silver under a 25watt bulb but Gold under a 60watt bulb. Here is a question. I have a Dark Gold from the first production run and the enamels are harder to see through (more murky) than on the Dark Rhodium yet he obviously used the same colours. Were the enamels more translucent on the 2nd production run of the Dark Gold ? I am interested because I was aiming at getting a 2nd run Dark Gold but won't worry about it if the enamels look the same.
  17. Took me a while to figure out why the photograph of a silver Purple Haze was coming out distorted. Then I realised it can be hard to photograph a metal colour correctly (especially gold) so it was a gold version. The distortion also caused the colours to come out so bright I also wondered whether it was a Mardi Grah There are also a couple of polished nickel Purple Haze on ebay at the moment. Guess that makes three versions. There is also a black nickel Portugal on ebay now. The edges look like gold but that is probably another photographic distortion. Guess that makes three of them as well. In regards to a list, we should call the different colour types of Tranquilities (Purple Haze, Portugal, etc) the "editions" but classify the different metal types as "versions". Versions are subgroups within each edition. A "limited" edition is a "rare version" (e.g. Portugal GOLD). Does that make sense or do I need to see a psychiatrist ?
  18. Hi, With regards to : Tranquility Geocoin "Purple Haze" Edition:: Enamels: purple(t) / lilac(t) / purple(t) / lilac(t); Metals: Gold There is also a Metals: Silver Are there any more Purple Haze metal variations in existence ? Cheers, dean
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