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  1. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I don't believe I have been a bad "geo-cacher" - but it is all new territory to me so thanks heaps for the replies Greatly appreciated
  2. Hi there, Can anyone tell me what the warn function below the photo on the left hand side of the screen is? I haven't seen it on any others, and are just wondering is there a function that I am supposed to have turned on/off and haven't done so? I haven't been able to find anything out through the assisstant. Anyone would think I've been a naughty puppy!
  3. Hi Simon, I recommend doing "Hole in Rock" which is between Taupo and Rotorua. It's a place of great significance as Maori legend has it, as being where a Maori Warrior went and hid when two tribes were fighting over land. Another place to check out is Huka Falls in Taupo. Well worth the short detour. Hope you enjoy yourself when you get over here, and will look foward to reading your posts.
  4. Magooza

    One Year

    I got into geocaching through a mate who told me, I could make all the tramping and walking I do more interesting. 6 months later and I am totally hooked. I've placed 4 caches, had one completely disappear without a trace, another which was just about swept down stream with the major flooding we had in the Wanganui/Manawatu district and the other two haven't been found yet. The two most memorable caches I've completed are "mission impossible" and "mosquitos bay". Mission impossible was cool because we had to venture pass the warning signs , only to find that it came to a dead end. Mosquitos bay was grouse because I took a wrong turn, stumbled onto the most bumpiest, bone jarring 4WD track I have ever done ! By the time we had finished going to this cache we had three toned paint on the car, green, silver and NO PAINT. I quote what hubbie said "Man these geekoids down South are tough!! You don't get these kind of cache tracks up North" I totally recommend having the 4WD, both hubbie and myself have one. I've thought about placing caches on some 4WD trips that you can do solo, but it seems (only from placing my own) that geocachers prefer the easy find....... any feedback would be cool, as I have a place which requires a 4WD in the Napier region, but no use placing, if people aren't going to visit it. One question: Do we benchmark here??
  5. I also contacted Capybaron in regards to the tb. I believe the tb will be sent to me da_snoop. If Capybaron would prefer it to start higher up the North Island and work it's way down, that's cool with me.
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