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  1. And a friendly tip: For someone who specifically requested that I not speak for them, which I hadn't, you may want to avoid "restating" anyone else's post. Unless of course, you're a fan of irony. Have a great day!
  2. Trust me--my "many" definitely doesn't have to include you...you can move onto your next reply, LOL.
  3. With all due respect, this *is* a personal issue to many of us either as veterans, or relatives of veterans--BOTH of Lynni-j's sons are US Marines. Please don't take the position that you speak for all veterans on this issue. You do not speak for me. Groundspeak's position is appropriate, in my opinion. I never said I was speaking for you, sbell111, nor did I say I "speak for all veterans". Allow me to share with you the definition of the word "all": all   [awl] adjective 1. the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration) I said "...many of us". Here is the definition of the word "many": man·y   [men-ee] adjective 1. constituting or forming a large number; numerous While "many" is not a specific number, in this instance, it does constitued a "large number" of people, so please read ALL the words someone writes (maybe twice) before you start quoting and responding to individual posts.
  4. With all due respect, this *is* a personal issue to many of us either as veterans, or relatives of veterans--BOTH of Lynni-j's sons are US Marines. And I have to agree that it does seem to be personal because of the fact that Groundspeak's reviewers are obviously allowed some amount of interpretation when deciding whether to publish a cache or not. The reviewer that refused to publish this cache seems to be working of a different set of rules from other reviewers, some of whom published veteran-tribute caches on this same Veteran's Day.
  5. Frankly, I'm stunned that the focus from Groundspeak seems to be placing so much effort into defending this inconsistency, rather than just apologizing. As a Navy veteran myself, I find it deeply disturbing that something as precious as serving one's country is considered questionable content. Disgusting.
  6. I looked at that string on the map...you can't even fit them all on the map because your "query is more than 500 caches" lol...you have to zoom in pretty far to see any! That's crazy. When are you guys going?
  7. Definitely..I wouldn't even think twice about telling the owners. Why cheat in a game like this--come ON people!
  8. LOL! Two scoops of whoopa** with a side of slander! DELICIOUS! Glad your spirits are up after the knee surgery...even if it IS the meds talking, ha ha...speedy recovery!!
  9. Are they YOUR caches? Or someone else's that you've become aware of. If NOT yours, I'd say let the owner know and they can decide how to handle it. If they're yours, I love all of Tom's ideas.
  10. That weekend wouldn't work for us, as it's the largest fundraiser for Katie's school that weekend. I understand if that's the best weekend for everyone else though. :'(
  11. Don't know if anyone here was watching this, but as a chatbot fan of Euclid & Gabriel (GC1JF1X & GC1HV8R), thought I'd let y'all know, that "Patience & Sincerity" was finally found: GC1CG5M There were over 100 ppl watching this cache over the 20 months it's been out (and not found), until now! If you have NOT found Euclid and Gabriel, whatt're you waiting for?
  12. There's not much life on the forum! Has everyone totally migrated to facebook or what? We have a dilemma - S'Mores and Snores! I sent an email about our annual Spring camp-out and received very little response. On the one hand, it would be a shame not to have our 5th annual camping event. On the other, it would be a waste of time to plan and execute it and no one comes. So - what's everyone think? Should we do it or not? All suggestions welcome. I must be on the Z list!!! LOL (kidding)... Like I said on FB (where all the cool kids are), I didn't get the email, but I'd be interested!
  13. It's all about FACEBOOK LOL! Hope everyone had a great new years!
  14. Point taken, Thank You I plan on making the lunch today to find out more about CV. Awesome!! I'll be there with my daughter TinkyBug... I sincerely look forward to meeting you
  15. It's a personal choice. Some folks delete log entries like that as it seems to snowball on subsequent visits/log entries (e.g. usually gets harsher in tone). I'm from the school of thought that as long as it's not a Terms of Use violation of the website (e.g. harrassing in nature, use of Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" and that sort of thing), I think it's part of the cache history and leave it be. I might be tempted in a few cases, like yours, to post a Maintenance Log saying that I checked up on the caches and made sure all the "drunk fishermen" in the area had a warm meal and a place to sleep for the night My 0.02, which if you add with a couple of bucks will buy you a coffee at a Bistro. Thanks for your comments and input. I posted a maintenace log. Maybe I was little harsh? My Post " Wow, stereotyping all fishermen as drunks? You were there November 6 and seen a fisherman? All Stanislaus river parks are closed to fishing November 1 to December 31 for protection of the fall Chinook salmon run. You should have called Fish and Game. Yes, some fishermen drink to help pass the time waiting for the big catch but it is not against the law. I have always found fishermen courteous in the area. I also have had several occasions where I have seen Fish and Game, Stanislaus River Parks Rangers patrolling the area. As with any location in the world if you don’t feel comfortable being there alone then don’t be there. Sorry you did not enjoy the cache." With all due respect, because I don't know either you or the person who posted on your caches, but I think you're opening a can of worms with responding like that (but it's too late to retract it now, especially if that person is "watching" the caches and gets a notification with your response). I also would be careful about discussing your exchange with her on here, because this IS the CV thread and she IS in the "CV" so how do you know she's not reading THIS? It just seems like it has the potential to get very 90210 in here, LOL! I'm only posting this because you seem to be asking for feedback on how you're handling it. Your caches have only been out for a day, and there are a LOT of FTF-Hounds in this area. I'm sure someone will pick them up soon!
  16. TinkyBug and I are coming after all. We were supposed to be out of town, but that's been cancelled. See you guys Saturday!
  17. LOL they really SHOULD learn to check all bomb reports on geocaching.com first!
  18. you can also search YouTube for WWFM Geocaching and quite a few videos from around the world come up. THere are some cute ideas on there.
  19. A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Here's my favorite one on . Here's the Wikipedia page about FlashMobs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob And here is some other info I found. I guess the date is announced by the people at the Podcacher Podcast? (available free on iTunes). I haven't listened yet, but downloading the episode now (#229). http://www.podcacherforums.com/phpBB2/view...602adc2e501e198 And here is a running bookmark list for FM's planned on 11/14: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...46-92d891248197
  20. They sound really cool! Does everyone really just come and go that quickly? Bizarre! Maybe I have the wrong understanding of what they are?
  21. hahaha I KNEW you did that just for me. The REAL question is...are you SURE you want to "go there" with me? hahaha!
  22. Oh Thanks, Greg, LOL I must have gotten distracted yesterday and forgot to put it here, too. This is TeamForwardMotion's new site, that he mentioned at the Cacheport Clovis event. I think he envisions it being part resource, part social network, but all caching. He said he thought it would be a great way for different individuals and groups to come together. Membership will be $10/year ultimately, but like Greg said, sign up before Oct 15th and your first year is free. Looks like he has big plans for this site..can't wait to see it all come together!
  23. Yesterday was AWESOME!! Special thanks to Photom & JPD43 for offering to combine forces to attack the 30 new caches placed for the event. We got 'em all and 9 extras! The Gruesome Twosome really showed the kids and I how it's done. We learned SOOOO MUCH about super-hyper-efficient-caching and even a little somethin' about personal relationships, ha ha ha!! Seriously, we had a blast. I'm glad Photom didn't actually leave any of the caches without me (even though he thought about it...and even though I halfway climbed into someone else's car at one of the caches sites!!) We shared a lot of laughs yesterday and loved every minute of it!
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