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  1. I have a PN-60w SE GPS. I downloaded the latest version of Delorme GPS Plugin and upon trying to install, I am told that I need to close the Chrome browser. I don't have Chrome installed on my computer and can't move past this point. I did install Chrome and then deleted it, still run into the warning that I need to close the Chrome browser. Help....
  2. The cache in question was GC14H3N. However, any cached after that would not work. I tried going to an earlier restore point on my computer and found that allowed me to then download caches into my PN-40. It seems that a Microsoft update casued at least part of the issue.
  3. I've got the Triton 2000, and it will work in geocaching but it is laborious uploading cache waypoints. Tech support is all but non-existent. Finally bought a DeLorme PN-40 GPS and much, much happier with that GPS. No more Magellan's for me!
  4. Hi Anton, Relatively new geocacher and a ham. Bill N3LLR Bradford, PA
  5. I think you mean the Triton 2000. Stay away!!! I have tried to talk to tech support but their tech support is in India. They weren't helpful and could not answer my questions. It is extremely difficult to import geocache locations into the unit and using their software, the locations must be imported one at a time. So much for modern technology. I am looking to get rid of this unit.
  6. Save your money on the Triton 2000. It seems everytime I replace the batteries in my unit, the profiles and owner information are reset. Talking to Magellan tech support, the unit is supposed to do a hard reset everytime the batteries are replaced. Magellan doesn't mention this in their owners manual and will not stand behind the product by buying it back. This Triton 2000 is the fifth GPS I've owned, and it is the last Magellan.
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