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  1. Get the Iphone, It has two apps. 1 from Groundspeak for your Caching and another app. that works with Groundspeak to show you the nearest Cache from the location your currently at.
  2. Buy your Coins, take a Picture of the front and the back. Fold it or paste it together. Then Laminate it, but make sure others can see the ######s. So now what you have is your coins to keep and collect and if the Laminate one gets lost you can just make another one.
  3. I've seen a 2x4 attached to a wooden structure (built out of 2x4s). The wooden structure holds a map of the trail system where the cache is located. The 2x4 containing the cache just has the coordinates for the next stage of a multi stage mult. There is another cache, now archived, that consisted of what looks like a bolt with a washer and nut on it. The washer has earth magnets on it to hold it to a large metal bridge. The cache was painted the exact same color as the bridge. I have a cache that is a *real* rock (not a hunk of concrete). I drilled a hole in the bottom with a 3/4" masonry bit and put a bison tube in it. As for the locomotive engine hide mentioned above. There's one in my area that's a nano cache on an old steam engine. It's hidden such that there is no possible way to actually see the cache. It must be found by feeling for it. It took me 4 attempts and over 3 hours total searching for it before I finally found it.
  4. I have the I-Phone, the distenceis off at times and the compass is slow unless your moving in a car.
  5. On my watch list I have certin Caches I watch and one of them came up as, "Cachers are tearing up the area around the Cache.This is very Disheartnig to see. This is a wonderful place to go and have quiet fun with nature. GeoCaching may be a privledge for us right now, but if Cachers are going to tear up the land we will lose our privledge to use the Land...........
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