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  1. I think that we in Denmark will keep the original word Eathcache ! We are not used to translate the original names.
  2. Im in desperate needs of getting in contact with one of those guys. I dont know if they are at war on Mata Nui Island, but they havent responded to the mails i have sent them the last 14 days. Can anyone help me. Regards DK-Kronborg
  3. Well it seems like everyone has an opinion, but no one has the answer to the question: When will the moratorium on location less caches be lifted?
  4. I'm looking for someone near 35s57.66X to help me with the same cache.
  5. I have just tried to made a location less cache, but the nordic aprover told me the theese type of caches can not be aproved at the moment. Why?? And when can I expect to have my cache aproved?? Regards DK-Kronborg
  6. I got the email allright. And I recive an email, when someone is adding a log to a cache i am watching. I dont know? So far I can live with adding my own caches to my watch-list
  7. I know that I get an email when logs are added to caches on my watch-list. But I thougt that I would recieve an email on my own caches. But if adding them to my watch list, is the solution then be it.
  8. Is there anyway that I can recieve an email when a new log is added to one of my caches?
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