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  1. that sheep is hardy! he'll survive the rains. he had his palms read before hitting the starting cache and it's his destiny to win the 2006 TB race, so he'll be b-a-a-a-ack
  2. i'd have made the run with pleasure, if not for the warning of a 2-hour walk and having to be at work during daylight hours until the new year. good luck on your quest! you may try messaging discombob, who works funny hours and doesn't get put off very easily by terrain! ... or check who of the western cape crowd have been active in the past couple of days. should be able to find someone, i'm sure...
  3. Updated the log this morning. Was quite happy to have the cache shifted because - even though it wasn't that far from a well-worn footpath - the last thing we intend is to damage the ecology. In fact, we've given up on "founds" while standing 15m away from a cache that looks to be just out of reach over some pristine fynbos. Just couldnae do eet Anyway, cache has been edited. As for maintenance, I'm less than two hours drive away, but at the time, asked Matata if he were to get there sooner than I could, if he could shift it... given too that he knows the area and which parts are off limits. Reckon we're close enough to maintain and active enough to archive/disable until the couple of weeks it may take us before we're back in the area. Another note on maintenance is that we've had quite a few generous "foster parents" and willing looker-afterers of caches that may be further away than we can get to daily. We appreciate when these guys drop us a line to say "checked up on it and all is well" or dash out for a quick reconnaissance mission after someone's logged a "not found". We have our own foster cache-kid within walking distance of 1/2-Baa!'s folks' place and check it up every time we're there. Nobody likes finding a sodden cache filled with unidentifiable goop, so this is a courtesy that I think the majority of us are happy to extend.
  4. what you can also do - if you're cheapskate like us - and know your route & towns you'll be passing through is to find caches close to the town's coordinates. you can get a pretty comprehensive list over here. then just pop them in and find caches close to them. happy hunting
  5. Now there's an idea for those with a competitive bend! If the dogs are splitting up, finding caches and logging their finds separately, it may point to manic rank-chasing behaviour. I think GS&Dogs mentioned something about an "economy" ... she's too mellow for rankings. More likely she's probably hoping you do take your old GPS back
  6. Had a conversation with KoolBeanz a day or two ago where we were ruminating over the ranking system and how folks's account/profile set-ups may affect this. Baa! is a two-strong team and we only log caches where both of us are there to collect and claim. There've been a couple that I've done on my own with other cachers and not logged because team-Baa! has not discovered it. It's not about ethics for us, just preference because we'd probably end up arguing about who claimed which one and end up going twice if it was a good location anyhow The actual question (given the credence that the ranking system has) is when does the number of members of a given profile unfairly give an advantage to the team? And is it unreasonable to expect that all members or the majority of members be present to log a cache find? Could a fiendish conglomerate of cachers club together under an alias and potentially split 10 different ways to log 10 different caches at the same time? Not really too much of an issue amongst the ZA regulars because we're teams of 2 and kids/dogs that usually cache together unless there's a rush for a FTF, when closest member gets summoned to "fetch" ... still... was just pondering.
  7. Baa!


    I'm 3 storeys almost directly over Discombob's head, sharing the same mega-fast connection and also can't load it. When trying to visit the image alone, ACCESS DENIED Could be the corporate network blocking it or Blogger blocking us. Either way, hard-lines . Won't you mail the screenshot please
  8. we've got three at home already stocked and looking for good locations, so we'll probably be adding to WC's significant lead
  9. hey, so it looks like bear&fox beat everyone to the official top billing cache! despite koolbeanz, liddleli and our best intentions to be up at the crack of dawn to crack it very cool and well done FTF!
  10. yiiiiiiiiiiikes. only 10,800 to go to catch up then... *cracks knuckles*
  11. how depressing! that means that we have an even longer way to go... i'm consoling myself with the fact that they're probably a company of hundreds, with an average - per person - find of oh, let's make it 200 so that we're still in there with a fighting chance
  12. count our travel Baa!g in at lucky position 13 asseblief
  13. here's an obvious one... do the speed limit
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