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  1. Thanks for the tips, I now remember that the reason I never got the membership is because my unit doesnt support paper-less caching as you stated. I downloaded all the loc's page by page and then used a script to merge them into one loc file stripping the xml header so i only had to push it to my gps once. Thanks again.
  2. After a long break from geocaching i finally got my unit back. I see now that they have an option with the premium membership to download all caches at 1 time rather than page by page. Do you have to get the premium membership to get the tips and hints feature with gpx file even though you can send single gpx from search page to gps? Also can my etrex legend hcx read the extra info,(tips hints) if so where is it?
  3. Im sure that this has been covered, i was unable to locate the answer i was looking for. I currently use a etrex legend hcx with the sirf 3 gps chipset. Im interesting in getting a smart phone with gps for caching. Anyone have any suggestions,feedback. I was looking at the iphone, but i cant get spec data on the hammerhead II chip.
  4. i have a etrex Legend HCX, and i have the newest upgrade in firmware.......i used to have a etrex H and it was more accurate and the pseudo-compass was correct. Im tempted in dowgrading or swapping to another brand. I went with garmin because it has the heading/bearing/compass but with the legend HCx it doesnt even work. Ayn Suggestions. (where can i get technical data on garmin units, what kind of antenna, chipset, ......?
  5. i just did the so called 2.6 upgrade and the problem is still there, im sure that its a software problem with garmin, why they didnt fix it...who knows. Im going to try and return it, any suggestions on one that actually works for about 240 and has the pseudo-compass like the etrex H (the only one that ive had that worked awesome)
  6. I just checked the unit and it is running v.2.4, any reason why i wouldnt want to "upgrade"
  7. I just bought/upgraded from the Etrex H to the Legend HCx. When using the etrex H the "compass" would move very rapidly but accurately to the direction of the cache. I just started using the Legend and the arrow doesn't do squat, it moves so slowly that it seems as if it isn't even working.....ive tried changing the course and bearing pointer mode, and changing lock to street with no luck..... i figure i must be missing something because other than the pretty pictures and the "1ft increase in accuracy" that the legend shows, the Etrex H was better at locating a cache.
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