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  1. Why thankyou! Much appreciate your advice! Danny
  2. Further to my previous post I can now confirm that the caches are indeed in my Nuvi, however in Extras/Custom POI's I can only scroll through the 12 or so screens (making approx 48 caches). The others are in there as I did a 'Spell' to find some of them. Does this mean that only those in a radius of my location are initially shown?? Or am I simply needing to change a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance if you have an answer....
  3. As a total newb I have to say I found this very useful for my Nuvi! I got it pretty much all straight within an hour! Thanks for a very informative tutorial. If it makes any difference or anyone is interested I set the whole thing up using my 760 and Apple Macbook and everything runs just fine using Parallels. The only thing I didn't know was how to "click" on the green signal bars to get to the 'coordinates screen'. On my unit at least, one needs to 'click and hold' for a couple seconds for that screen to appear. AND: A quick request for help.... On a side note, I have created some zip files of caches from geocaching.com for planned routes in the USA this Summer (I am located in the UK) but these do not feature in my Custom POI's list when uploaded - only those that I loaded in the tutorial appear (those within x miles radius of my home, x no. of queries)? May I assume that these will not be available unless I switch to the USA maps or am I missing something? I hope this isn't too OT..... Thanks again for posting the step-by-step!
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