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  1. I placed my first travel bug 1.28.12 and its been sitting idle ever since. Any tips on how to get it moving? My 4 yr old was pretty excited about placing it, but has long since forgotten it due to inactivity. Should I just move it to a more popular spot? It currently resides here: http://coord.info/GCKY1J Thanks.
  2. I have 15 Gps units to use with my students and want to be able to transfer data two ways. 1. Upload waypoints to the units: I have been told to use Trips and Waypoints manager for this one 2. Download tracks and waypoints to a free map source such as Google Maps I've tried working with GPS Babel, but haven't had much success yet. It may be that I just need to work more on figuring that one out. Any suggestions?
  3. So I'm new to this. I'm in the Greensboro area and I've got 4 finds under my belt (one micro and 3 large ones) and I'm completely addicted. However, I am completely stumped by any and all micros (excpet the one I found). I've driven up to several "P&Gs" sat and stared around, gotten out and poked around and can't find a thing. Same is true with micros in the woods. Yesterday I was hunting Melvin's Mtn and Bog Garden. I know I was standing on top of the cahces but couldn't find them. I would love some clues or tips. Thanks. Sorry for the double post. Computer glitch.
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