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  1. You have been very patient, and very kind. But I do think that these people have hit a rough patch and spent the money on their personal needs. I have always been opposed to this. To me it is stealing. Some of these vendors have eventually come up with the coins. But could you trust that vendor again? I wouldn't. This type of behavior shows their true character. When the going gets tough, instead of doing the right thing, they are content to take other people's hard earned money. I've also noticed that several of these rouge vendors started out blaming "mint problems" for the delay. Then they stop communicating. If someone complains about it, they call it a personal vendetta. If more than one person complains,. it is a lynch mob. It is time to stop rewarding this type of behavior. By continuing to support this type of behavior, it makes the rest of the community sitting ducks for the next guy. I doubt you will ever see the coins you ordered. You might get a refund someday. I wish you the best of luck, because nobody deserves this type of treatment! Cpt. FrenchFry - paid for coin on 5/26/08 - never have received any thing other than the following email on 12-10-08 - "Karen, I want to start by saying I am deeply sorry for all the issues we have had in the past six months. Like so many people and companies this year we have been faced with some really hard times. The biggest mistake I made is the lack of communication. I am deeply sorry for this and wish I could go back and change this. I did not communicate due to the nature of some really mean emails and phone calls threatening myself and my family; I just did not know how to answer them and was hoping that I could solve the problems before much more time past. We have watched our company and our personal finance spin out of control to the point of almost loosing everything. Faced with no job and no income from the store we hit bottom. I am committed to make things right and will have our company and our personal situation back on track soon. I know that it may be too late to save the company but even if we are forced to close I will make things right with you. Thank you for the trust you gave us with your order, I am deeply sorry for betraying this trust; I hope you can see it in your heart to forgive us. I have a record of all refund requests and will honor them, as soon as we are able. I promise we will deliver on all the orders we have pending. If anyone wants to take store credit for these outstanding orders please do so just make a note of the pending order number you would like credit for and I will ship the new orders in place of the orders pending. The problems we have had have nothing to do with Goundspeak or any other vendors and I hope you do not hold these issues against them. Thank you for any understanding you give us in this matter. Sincerely, Mark Alan and Elli's" I still have seen no coin or no refund or anything else. I have checked their webpage again today and this is the new message you see "This site is for sale. More information soon."
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