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  1. Wow! Didn't know that one. That'll be great for copying from other applications!
  2. I find that hardly ever works....at least not reliably enough to save me time.
  3. Here's how to set it up: Obviously, Google Chrome must be the browser you're working in. If it's not, get it here: http://www.chrome.google.com First, go here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ocpcmghnefmdhljkoiapafejjohldoga Then click . Click in the upper-right corner of Chrome and go to Tools > Extensions. Click "Options" under the Context Menu Search extension Add the search link by entering "Geocaching.com" as the Display Name and http://coord.info/%s in the Link section like this: Click . Then remove all of the other options from the list that appears by clicking the "X" next to them: Click Finally, at the top, click "Other options" and then uncheck Show link to extension options at the end of context menu and press Save: Now you can highlight (or double-click) any GC-code (or travel bug number, etc.), right-click on it and click "Geocaching.com" and it will take you to the cache page! Pretty cool, huh? Have fun! Kyle (ky.m.guy)
  4. Ever copy and paste a GC code into the search bar of your browser and then add "coord.info" to the front of it to go to a cache page? I know I have and I thought there must be a better way. I discovered a Google Chrome extension this morning that I believe will save me a lot of time in the future. It adds a link to the right-click context menu in chrome like in the screenshot below: The next post will tell you how to set it up!
  5. Oh...and the process for fixing a county is quite involved. Every change to one border affects at least two counties, I have to email the new files to Clyde and I've got no idea how difficult it is for him to actually put the update into effect. I can't see the necessity of doing this for a single cache that is missed by 10m so I won't be fixing this at this time...sorry
  6. The data near the borders will not be 100% accurate because of the unavailability of 100% accurate data. The cache that you mention is 10m from the border of the two counties. In cases where the caches are near the borders, you should double-check the assigned county manually. If anybody knows a source of more accurate data, please let me know!
  7. If I missed it, I'm sorry, but what's the date of the event?
  8. My favourite Canadian cache (actually my favourite all-time cache) is Gliders Paradise in Golden, BC. It's at the top of a mountain but you can drive all but the last 20m (and it's not rough hiking from there). Check it out if you're in the area! You'll probably need at least an hour as it's a 13km drive (if I recall correctly) up the switchbacks to the top. http://coord.info/GC1VJX1
  9. Wikipedia article says it does.
  10. There's a Cabela's in Richfield, WI but that's 2 hr. from where you are.
  11. I get mine at Canadian Tire...but I guess you don't have any of those around in Wisconsin. Why did you post this in the Canadian forum?
  12. I use Google Chrome as my web browser and then I installed the Translate extension to translate the pages. With the click of a button on the toolbar, the page is translated into English for me (works for any language that Google Translate supports.
  13. Plug the GPS in to your computer. Go to Computer (or equivalent if you're on a Mac or a different OS). Find your GPS's drive and open it. Navigate to Garmin > GPX. Delete the GPX file and the caches will disappear from the GPS when you turn it on again. -Kyle
  14. Thanks everyone! Yes, the itinerary is basically set but we will have extra days as we're spending two weeks so I thought it'd be cool to maybe do part of the power trail north (but i see that it's archived). Thanks for your suggestions. If anybody thinks of any more, please don't hesitate to list them . Thanks again,
  15. Hello! We're from Ontario, Canada and we're going to be in Nevada and Arizona this coming summer and were wondering if anybody can suggest any must-do caches. We're starting in Las Vegas, spending a week there. We may head up to the ET Power trail for a day and see what we can achieve there . Also planning on making a trip to Zion National Park & Valley of Fire State Park. We then are driving to Sedona, AZ where we're spending a week. We're planning on visiting the Grand Canyon for a couple of days. If any locals can suggest any unique/cool caches with neat scenery or if you have any tips/"secret" spots that we wouldn't necessarily read about in the tourism books, please let us know! Thanks so much in advance, -Kyle
  16. Here's another one: http://coord.info/GC18XT1 -Kyle
  17. Ooops....sorry. I thought the contest ended on Nov. 15. Just realised that it ended last week. Sorry. -Kyle
  18. I bought the generic ones from Best Buy and found out after emailing Zagg, that they don't guarantee the non-precut ones. I was very disappointed as the Lifetime replacement warranty is very important to me. I won't be buying the ones from the stores anymore. I've used InvisibleSHIELDs for a while now on all of my electronics and I love them.
  19. The coupon code "ZAGG20" will get you 20% off when you order online at zagg.com.
  20. It is actually correct both ways. I just chose the shorter one to fit it on the coin better (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Mosquito)
  21. Hello everyone! I have recently designed and produced a trackable custom Canadian geocoin. It was produced by Oakcoins and has its own Geocaching.com icon () and name (Mosquitos Suck!). If any of you would like to order this geocoin or get more information on it, visit my website at kylemills.net/coins and you can do so. Shipping to Canada is FREE and shipping to the US is $1.00 per coin. Here is a picture of the coin: Thanks for looking! - Kyle
  22. Some of the most memorable caches we've found are unique containers. Use your imagination...I've seen fake rocks, stumps, sticks, etc. and they all make memorable caches. In my opinion, themed caches are not great. Asking to only trade items of a certain type (say a dog themed cache or a fruit themed cache) gets quickly neglected and the cache is not themed for too long before random items are traded. Nice locations (waterfalls, parks, streams) make a cache memorable too! LPCs (Lamp Post Caches) and micros in parking lots usually aren't memorable. If you want it to be memorable cache, use your imagination....if your first cache isn't memorable, chances are you'll come across a location in your geocaching travels that may be worthy of a cache! Just my thoughts... -Kyle
  23. ky.m.guy

    Travel bug logs

    If you're not going to Vancouver yourself, you should put it in a cache so another cacher can maybe take it.
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