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  1. Received our coins and they are beautiful. Really love them, they truely look glorious in the sun. Thanks! Cheers Jude
  2. Yah! Invoice received and paid. They look fantastic, will be so cool to receive them. So exciting. Love Shiney!
  3. Congrats to JOHN MAC56- Your photos were beautiful. Thanks for sharing everyone - I too loved seeing everyones photos - it was a great cointest. Thanks lorca
  4. WOOF WOOF Amber is sooooooooo happy she has pre-ordered her coins and has requested we go out and purchase two new collars for them both. She is so excited about them and cannot wait to go around showing them off. I had to get two for the collection as well. They are great - thanks for a really neat design!
  5. it can always be discussed in other places. i think trackable is over-rated, even though i do like the icons. i just don't see the need to pay so much extra for a number. and why do so many coins have to be created before there is an icon. how much can an icon cost? seriously! the same with whether or not a coin is activated or not. false value is added to coins that are not activated. that is something we as coiners control. so far no one has really ever given a good reason why activated coins are less valuable. i don't release mine, so numbers don't matter. it is what the coin looks like. i never decide whether or not i want to buy a coin based on whether or not it is trackable nor if it has been activated. i figure if we want to discuss a coin, there are ways, trackable or not. look at the coin lists, which coins are among the most desirable? non-trackables! rsg I love the icons as well and wonder why they cost so much. I am getting an icon for mine. But I do love them being trackable - probably because I do enjoy releasing them and watching them move around. I haven't seen or know where to look for non-trackable coins - but that is probably as I am still a newbie cacher and coin collector. Loving every minute of it though.
  6. For me - if there is no tracking number it would have to be a really neat coin that I absolutely loved to puchase it. It would have to be animal based for sure. I love my tracking numbers and if I really like the coin I buy two, one for my collection and one either to send out or build up my trading collection. I am just in the middle of having a coin designed and they will definately be trackable.
  7. That was so hard - I just love them all. I love photos. But yes 'Max' gets my vote. It is a really beautiful glowing photo. Good luck to all.
  8. This is just so great. I love all the photos and some are really just amazing. Thanks for posting this thread and the idea. Fantastic!
  9. Oh how to pick my favourite - I have so many and I just love sharing and looking photos. This is little Miss Amber all ready and roaring to go, wondering what the hold up is. After a hard days caching. Need to lie down to drink. Mr Mischief turned my back for a minute getting stuff out and guess who's in checking out the meat. A poopy boy because he had to be on harness to go outside when he broke his leg. He just had a splint on to start and he ripped that off, so they pinned it and so he bashed it and bent the pin, so next it was a pin and a frame on the outside of the leg pinned to the pin in his leg. $$$$$ but he was worth it. Saint Jed. The true Gentleman in ever sense. He is now waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Miss him heaps.
  10. This is beautiful. I just love it. I HAVE TO HAVE! Look forward to it coming to fruition.
  11. Love the coin. I am really looking forward to it coming up on pre-sale. Amber is looking forward to wearing it on her collar. She wants one of each so she can alternate each weekend to suit the day!
  12. Yes, i miss not having the emails. Very sad - I love watching them travel, hence I sent them out. Fix guys - Fix! WE need our emails.
  13. Hearts Desire would have to be the Geo Dog Geocoin for our Miss Amber. She loves caching and is a regular hunter so now it is time to make her trackable. She is such a friendly loving little girl that she would love meeting people and being discovered. We could then actually dip her in the cache for the ones she actually shoves her way through on when we are writing the log and actually sticks the paw in the cache - nine times out of ten tipping it all up so we have to gather everything together to put back in.
  14. What a wonderful thing to do! Thanks for giving those of us without mystery coins a chance. Always happy to add emoticons to my posts! I emoticons. Cheers Jude
  15. Fantastic - I love it!!!! I will be getting a few and Amber is going to wear one on her collar so she can be discovered by Cachers we bump into. Really looking forward to them being ready to go. Thanks for a great design that is just so me! Cheers Jude
  16. Just want to say THANKS to Map Monkey who was kind enough to send me a couple of coins to get my collection going. One is full of dogs which is just so beautiful and the other a beautiful Arabian Horse. I am an animal lover so they are just perfect for me. THANKS MAP MONKEY you are a really neat person and I hope we meet up someday.
  17. I have just being reading through the posts and have to say: To the person in remission - CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic. Don't know you - but I am so happy for you. My hubby is in remission and has angels watching over him, so we have asked them to find you and watch over you as well. Take care my friend and enjoy life AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO! No matter how silly, weird or whatever you think or people think - if you want to do it - YOU DO IT! I have only just started collecting coins but if I get an angel or fairy coin it will be for you. May all your hearts desires be granted!
  18. Thanks for that. I have gone and purchased it. However I am going to have to wait for my friend to return from a working trip because for the life of me I cannot work out how to get it to work on my PDA. I know - thick!
  19. Grrr it told me it errored so I submitted again and now there is two.
  20. Hi there. I have just got an iPAQ PDA. I have seen others use them and think they are great. However, I now have no idea how to get the geocache pages on to my PDA. Can anyone help. I have GSAK for my Colorado (which I am not happy with - the Colorado that is). Would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks. Cheers Jude
  21. Went caching on the weekend again. Had a brilliant time and found my true hearts desire. 1. geodog geocoin 2. suncatcher warm 3. suncatcher cool I want the Geodog because of my dog (I got my Rainbows Bridge coins I wanted from ebay - Yah! 3 different styles) I just fell in love with the suncatcher when we found a warm one in a cache. They are so lovely and just look neat in the sun.
  22. My Hearts Desire - at the moment too huge to list! Ha ha. We have just starting Geocaching and now I am totally in to the coins. I have a big fat four, but I am very proud of them. :-) My desires are for the nature based ones (animals etc). I have just bid on three Rainbow End coins - as that is just so me and my baby boy Jed who is at Rainbow Bridge waiting for me. I spoted this forum as I just picked up Fluttershy Food TB who's goal is flowers. So I have to find a nice cache with flowers around it for a photo to post. Which I hope to do today or tomorrow. I have another coin in my possession at the moment (Whitly) which I just drop in to caches and take photos and pick it up again. I am totally enjoying touring it around and getting some good photos for the owners. Sorry I rave - cannot help myself. :-)
  23. Thank you so much. We will try again now. Cheers
  24. Hi there. I am very much a newbie and have recently purchased a Garmin Colorado 300. I am in West Australia. I have been told that my Datum needs to be "WGS84". However, the Colorado only has a "WGS72". It has an 'Aus Geod 84' though. So I have no idea what to put it on as. There is definately something wrong as I set my first cache and put in the co-ords off my GPS, only on Google Earth they show that the cache is in the middle of someones house and not in the bush about 200 or so meters away. I did have my Colorado set for 'Aus Geod 84' so maybe that is the problem, but now I don't know how to fix the problem. Can anyone help me in the right direction? Cheers the depressed Mama of 'Mischief's Crew'.
  25. Hi there, If you are visiting Perth, WA would be happy to meet up with you. I would be wrapped to give you one of my coins to set it off on its way in America. Of course only if that is OK thing to do in the Geocaching world. We are still newbies.
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