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  1. Come on, what planet are you from? :-0 Sorry, but it is the software manufacturer's job to keep up with the OS, not the other way around. Everybody knew Win 8 was coming out, and were warned. It is just laziness on Magellan's part that it will not work on 8.1, not Micro$oft's. I saw where one person was writing to Micro$oft about it! Wow! Write to Donald Trump and The Pope too while you are at it, and see who answers first. ;-) When Win XP came out, many programs that ran on Win 95, 98 and ME would not work anymore. I have a wonderful set of pinball games that will no longer work on any of my computers; last one they worked on was a Win XP (32 bit). As an aside, I have a Garmin Nuvi in the car which I use to guide me turn by turn; lots easier than the Explorist! It works like a champ on Win 8.1. Many don't like 8.1, but remember, MANY did not like XP or 7. Many still don't like Vista, though I do not understand it, because I still have a Vista machine, and that is how I upgraded the software in my Explorist GC, and use it to load geocaches onto it! Go Vista! You folks with Win 8 or 8.1 machines need to find a friend with a Win XP, Vista or (I think 7 will work) 7 machine, or go find a used one - I have seen them at Goodwill for not much - and do your Magellan work on that until Magellan gets its self in gear. Win 8 and 8.1 ain't going away.
  2. I wanted to say something about the Magellan Explorist GC and the recent update, the Magellan Communicator for Geocaching.com, and Windows 8.1. None of them work. I got a Garmin Nuvi a few weeks ago and caches download to it just fine. When I try to download to the Magellan, nada. "Not recognized". When plugged into the USB, it comes up as a drive, but 8.1 says "insert a disk in the drive". Duh, there is data on it! I saw on another forum where a lady say she was putting a call into Micro$oft. (!) Perhaps she needs to call Donald Trump too. It is a problem with the software, not Windows 8.1. I was having this problem, and saw where all kinds of people were installing it with Windows 7, and I have a Vista machine (I LOVE Windows Vista!), and took the whole shootin' match over to it. The Explorist comes up as a drive, and shows me the contents of the "disk". Communicator installs quite nicely. I am in the process right now of installing the software update; it just finished and waiting to see what the GC does. It do what it do. Came up with all new software (2.15)!!! It is not a problem with the software, the device, the computer, or the operating system; it is that Magellan is too lazy (?) to update the software for Micro$oft's new operating system! Happy Caching Alex
  3. Yes, if you have a spare install (NOT upgrade) disk complete with serial number. Most of us have OEM versions of Windows, and BTW, that only works on Professional versions.
  4. Hi folks. I am a fairly new cacher, and have several caches that have alternate logging requirements. Can I simply edit these caches so that they no longer have ALR's? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a Garmin eTrex-H, as it was all I could afford when I bought it. I was able to get the computer cable for it, and am able to click "send to GPS", BUT: I can download a GPX file or a LOC file, but when I attempt to find them, I realize that some of them are missing. You see, the eTrex-H has six place holders in the cache name, but many caches nowadays, especially new ones, have seven digits/letters, so any that have the first six letters/numbers identical get wiped out by others, leaving me all dressed up and nowhere to go. Last week I downloaded a series of new caches, many of which were identical except for the last letter. Needless to say, I was only to find one of them. Hopefully Garmin will address this issue, or if they can't, give us a workaround. I guess I will just have to scrimp and save for a new GPSr.
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