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  1. Coggins, you're my hero. Thank you.
  2. It rocks. You'll love it. You did good!
  3. When I try to load caches onto my Garmin I get the following: Garmin /Users/alyxmcneal/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/ntejsci7.default/extensions/{195A3098-0BD5-4e90-AE22-BA1C540AFD1E}/plugins/GarminGpsControl.plugin/Contents/Resources/GPX10toGPX11.xsl ...and the new cache doesn't load on my Garmin. Any ideas?
  4. Ok, thank you. I'm a bit out of sorts and should be more patient.
  5. I was caching in Anchorage yesterday. Flew to California today. When I fire it up, I see yesterday's caches as closest in proximity...have turned it off and on a couple of times, but it's "stuck" and saying it can't find satellites. I heard there were bugs with the 400T. Is this one of them? Can anyone help? I'm in California for a week and had planned to get out there and hunt. So frustrated with this, in fact, that I may go out and buy a new GPSr tomorrow if I can't get help with the Colorado.
  6. I've read terrible reviews about the Colorado 400T - complaints about the brightness of the screen all the way to having difficulties with paperless caching due to "multiple screen" requirements. A friend sent me a Colo400T as a lovely gift a couple of weeks ago. First, let me say that I only use it for geocaching. My thoughts are as follows: 1. I LOVE IT! 2. The screen is rather dark on the default setting, however, the brightness is adjustable and at the highest setting I can see it perfectly well in sunlight or in darkness. 3. It burns through batteries like crazy. I've ordered rechargeable batteries and a charger to try to cut down on the expense. 4. The wheel "navigating" piece at the top of the unit is very easy to use. 5. I LOVE paperless caching. The unit allows me to see cache descriptions, hints, and logs from other cachers. True, I have to switch pages to see the full descriptions, hints, and logs, but that's very easily done. It takes me a fraction of the time it used to take me to get ready to go out and cache. Load the cache and be gone, versus copying and pasting essential elements of each cache I loaded into my Legend onto one Word document in order to save paper, then printing the document. So, there you have my opinion. Unasked for, but there it is. Cache on!
  7. twolpert, that did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  8. Thank you! I might have 200 and not know it. Your response is so helpful!
  9. Did that, storm. Shows caches close to me then skips to previously loaded caches 70 miles away. Just isn't loading any I try to load tonight.
  10. Had my Colorado 400T for a week. Have maybe 50 caches loaded. Now it has stopped showing caches that the geocaching.com website tells me that I have already loaded in the device and asks if I want to overwrite. I've looked in found, and not found. Anyone have any advice?
  11. I often cache after work before I make the long drive home (80 miles). I change clothes in the parking garage - which is very dark, because I sometimes slip out early and don't want any of my colleagues to recognize me if they are driving in the area. My husband wants me to get home as early as possible, so when I am after work caching I don't tell him beforehand. I remain cryptic when he asks what time I'll be home. I admit to what I've been doing once I get home. I have thousands of baggies, 20 bisons, 5 blinkys, 2 ready to place decons, and about 50 log replacement sheets hidden in a small suitcase in the spare bedroom. When I'm planning a cache run, I go into the bedroom to use the computer there, and I keep the door shut. Even so, I'm not fooling anyone.
  12. drshmuz


    Nevah mind, found it. Tools of the trade.
  13. drshmuz


    What the heck does "TOTT" mean?
  14. Holy beans, I just tried to search by name and there it is - 2358.1 miles from home. Thank you. I feel like a dork!
  15. Leaving for Alaska Wednesday and want to cache there. When I try to save the caches to my Legend, they don't show up. Do I need to download new maps?
  16. I spent hours, and I do mean hours, on a couple of caches at first, not finding them. I'm still new at 52 caches, believe me. What I am finding is that the more I find, the more I look at things differently. Also, I'm a perfectionist (which is unfortunate, because I'm far from perfect) and was very upset with myself when I couldn't get the hang of caching right away. Don't give up! The rush you'll feel when you find a few will be worth the wait.
  17. Ricbob, I hear you. Just went back today for the third time on a cache and found it. I, too, am new and can become very frustrated. Know that you aren't alone out there.
  18. NY, I'm brand new and have the Legend HCx (upon recommendation from several people in this forum). Easy to read, easy to use (even for me) and the downloads are wonderful. Found it on sale online for $187 last Tuesday.
  19. Hey Froboz, all I can say is that I heard about the sport a week ago tonight, my GPS arrived Friday, and ever since then I've been completely hooked. The only other activity I can think of that "takes me away from everything else" is hanging out in a casino...and this is much, much cheaper. Never thought I would feel this much of a sense of accomplishment finding a tupperware container. Can't decide whether I love or hate the person who turned me on to this. I'm obsessed with the hunt!
  20. 52 year old hippie tomboy.
  21. Just got the Legend HCx for $187 and thanks to all.
  22. Budget is $250 max and I will look for a Garmin - just for geocaching with maps and color. Thank you!
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