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  1. There's this recent virtual in Salt Lake City Joe Hill Lives! Since Cliff has been to Utah before maybe he'll come a bit north and clear Joe's name. I did recently find this virutal, Hang 'em High which was at the site of a tree used as a gallows. Looking forward to reading more of Cliff's adventures.
  2. I'll add a "me too". I have noticed if in frustration I walk away from the computer. When I come back quite a while later, I'll be able to click on the caches. I've noticed a similar problem with the search map but the delay is significantly smaller. My big problem with the search map is the disappearing map tiles. Another issue I have with maps is when using the Geocaching map with topo lines they come up in meters despite my settings being imperial. And just a tip for everyone reading this thread, Project GC's Live map functions much more smoothly. Of course it runs off their database so there is lag in new caches appearing and archived caches disappearing.
  3. HikingSeal

    New Map

    I just tried the new map feature for the first time. Since there is no feedback button as there has been on past betas I wanted to share my thoughts somewhere. I hope the website developers monitor this forum. I like the idea of combining the list and map.. The list is easy to read. I don't like the fact it seems to be aimed at phone users. I don't use the website unless I'm in front of a computer. If I'm in the field, there's an app for that. My computer does not have a GPS chip in it so there is no easy way to center on my home area. I realize I could type in my city. My point is there is no EASY way to do it. I really do not need to see all 84k+ sq acres of my home state when I first go to the map. That is not useful. The sort drop down on the list only allows sorting by favorites, oldest, and newest. As stated above when I am staring at a map of the entire state those sorting options are not useful. This is a location based game after all right. I would like to see a similar set-up that still centers on your home coordinates as the old map did and the addition of distance from that center point in the drop down. I look forward to seeing further development of this new version of the map.
  4. When you say "on the mobile phone" do you mean in your phone's browser or the official app? Just clarifying in hopes HQ is monitoring and needs the info. On the upside, if we are all experiencing it, it looks like it's an HQ problem. Nothing on our end. Thanks for the replies all.
  5. Is anyone else having a problem seeing messages in the Message Center on the website? Mine is completely blank (see attachment). If I look via the app, everything is still there. Cleared browser cache and all the usual things one does when a browser starts doing something weird to no effect. Thoughts anyone?
  6. I just tried adding a new event to my calendar using Add to Calendar-->Outlook from a cache (event) page and received a 500 Error. It worked just last week. Since a 500 error is a server error, I don't think anything on my end is causing the problem. Thoughts or help resolving the error are welcome.
  7. For what it's worth I too shed a tear when I recently (FINALLY!) upgraded to iOS 11 and lost FindMarkers/HuntMarkers. Thanks for the years I was able to use it. It was a big part of getting me to 84 benchmarks. One of these days I may get to 100. Here's the replacement I found. https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/NGSDataExplorer/
  8. There's a great Norwegian site for this.https://cachetur.no/ Here's an English blog post about it https://thomfre.net/…/tips-t…/how-we-plan-our-caching-trips/ The blog post also includes some idea that directly answer your question. The developer is trying to assess if it would be worth it to do an English language version. https://goo.gl/forms/tLq4a304YsSVUvDf1
  9. cheked. All three email boxes are checked. I received earlier emails about Mary Hyde, just not the last two.
  10. I should add after successfully completing the form using the link provided in this thread I did receive the confirmation email that my submission was correct.
  11. Moun10Bike Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if you are replying to me or someone else. My caching name is listed on the post, HikingSeal, no ampersands involved. I simply never received an email for either the fourth or meta souvenir. I checked my profile after hearing discussion from others and I had them.
  12. I never received the email. I've checked the spam folder. I understand I'm not the only one who hasn't received it. When I check my profile I have the fifth souvenir. I have received other email from geocaching today. So I see the word on the souvenir but don't know the form address to use it. I see the link above. Thanks for sharing that.
  13. Name sent: November 19, 2016 Name received: November 26, 2016 I sent my gift: November 30, 2016 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  14. Update: Name sent: November 19, 2016 Name received: November 26, 2016 I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  15. OK I'm in. Sounds like fun! Name sent: November 19, 2016 Name received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  16. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who provided a useful reply to Question 3 of my original post. Between this and a local discussion I have some good ideas on how to keep the SMHS hikes going while keeping Groundspeak happy with the cache pages. As for Question 1 it's clear there is not a definitive answer. It's a darn shame that some folks are too obtuse both as attendees and owners to make any event work. It seems like any time we get ridiculous rule changes like no "moving" events and time limits, it is because someone was going for numbers or trying to deny someone else's number seeking behaviors. Heck, the mere fact that we in Utah are experiencing a change a year after everyone else is a testament to people pointing fingers and saying "Hey, they are not playing this world wide cross cultures game the same way we are. That's not fair to ME!" Not sure why hiking events bother people in Europe or other parts of the US but so be it. dadgum shame! It would be lovely if people would just play nice. As for Question 2 a few people expressed interest in discussing it but no one seems interested in doing so. If anyone would like to, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. Otherwise thanks for the ideas!
  17. Cerburus and anyone else who has mentioned having the posted coordinate be along the trail, could you please post some GC #'s for examples on how the cache page was written? Thanks!
  18. Woah, that's a lot of stereotyping. But it certainly brings to light some impressions other countries have of the United States of America... Since I'm American, I guess that's my impression of my own country. Look at some of the caches around Fort Ord In California and see how many encounters there are with MPs or police. My impression of the German Lost Places is no type of law enforcement would bother your explorations there. As far as event stacking goes, you're right, that is a separate issue. I was trying to come up with a good example of regional differences and got myself off topic. Regardless of the example I chose, the issue is still the same. Everyone caches a little differently. What may be common practice in one area is not acceptable elsewhere. How is that regulated on a world wide basis to keep the game fair?
  19. Part of the question is should those regional differences exist? Should the guidelines truly be guidelines, not rules, to be enforced at the local reviewer's discretion? Admittedly that would bring a lot of heat down on them. On the other hand, having Groundspeak dictate everything forces a lot of American sensibilities on to non-Americans. One of the biggest examples I can think of is being in Germany and going after some Lost Places (http://www.lost-places.com/ It's in German but Google translate will give non-German speakers an idea of what they are) caches. First those caches were not even listed on geocaching.com because of restrictions and damage to the place. Second, can you imagine the American military or a private company going off and leaving unused property without a fence around it? There's a lot more personal responsibility in Europe than in the US. In Europe if you go somewhere and get hurt, it's on you. You can't sue someone for not putting up a fence to keep your stupidness out. On the other hand, during the 10th anniversary of Geocaching, I remember hearing about groups of Europeans that went from event to event, the whole group including the hosts spending only minutes at each location in order to get a record number of events in a day. As we gear up for the 15th anniversary is this where the time limit rule came from? As it was explained to me, the intent of the rule is that the host should be present at the posted coordinates for the 30 minutes to welcome anyone regardless of when they show up. So the time limits won't prevent the attempt to get more events in a day only the host won't be able to go along right away. Or will they? As was pointed out above the intent is not what the guideline actually says. It only states the event, not the host, must be at the posted coordinates for a specified time. Want to bet that on May 2 we hear about people setting up events to break the record? Ultimately it should be up to the host who can log an "Attended" just like on a cache. Unfortunately if they sign an event log or appear in the event picture, there is no way to fairly keep everyone there for a certain amount of time. The conflicts arise when you have someone who's going for number of events "drive-by" an event that is intended to go on for a duration. The owner of that event deletes the log of the drive-by attendee because they weren't there for the whole event. In other words when someone from one "region" attends an event in another "region", what set of rules should be followed? The local reviewer published it according to the local rules but the attendee is used to different rules. Some people are not mature enough to work things out for themselves as should happen and they ended up whining to local reviewers and Groundspeak. And the rest of us end up with stupid rules that are introduced in a poor manner. Essentially I think I just argued my way into a corner that there is no way to make everyone happy. Considering Aesop's fable (http://www.aesopfables.com/) about the man, the boy and the donkey taught us that when someone tries to keep everyone happy, they lose their a** Hmmm, I think Groundspeak may need to re-read that one.
  20. Yeah, with 10% or less ever going into the forums, I thought the newsletter would be perfect for passing along new info, included with whatever marketing has going on for the week.But not sure if many get the newsletter either... Since so many are caching with the app maybe a splash screen when it's opened with "There has been an important update to ****. Tap here if you would like more information about this change sent to your registered email." Presumably if someone is opening the Geocaching app it's because they want to find a cache. They are not going to read and think about it at that moment. Allowing it to be sent later would be get past that issue.
  21. We've been to two that were at a trail junction (easy and long way in), a good distance from trailhead/parking. Quite a few showed up to both. Cerberus1, did the group actually spend a half hour at the trail junction? Or maybe that wasn't relevant yet.Yep. More than that.One was a lunch/meet n greet event (bring your own), the other was a reading of a Dr. Suess book. Both were caching afterwards (if you wanted to). Thanks! That approach had been suggested locally. For most of the year, it will work. For the snowshoe hikes, not so much. I may occasionally be able to work it so we could stop somewhere and build a fire, but that wouldn't be the norm.
  22. None of the hiking events in which I took part and a hardly anyone in my country has been set up on a trail with lots of caches to be found.Many of the hiking events took place for special events (like e.g. full moon, sun set at winter solstice etcTypically the target audience for such events is much less interested into visiting a lot of caches during one hike than the typical audience of meet and greet events. AMEN!!! NYPaddleCacher's point would be like that numskull I alluded to in my original post.
  23. We've been to two that were at a trail junction (easy and long way in), a good distance from trailhead/parking. Quite a few showed up to both. Cerberus1, did the group actually spend a half hour at the trail junction? Or maybe that wasn't relevant yet.
  24. Unbeknownst? I take it then, that you never read the guidelines? Actually I had read the guidelines but it never occurred to me that moving from the posted coordinates after the posted time was a problem. The cache pages all clearly indicated what would happen at what time and I was never told until Feb 16 that doing so was a problem. Essentially this boils down to a communication issue. People responding in these threads have thousands of posts to their name. If one has the time and desire to sift through everything in the forums, they are more knowledgeable and "get wind" of when changes are coming. The percent of registered accounts that post or read these forums is likely low. If Groundspeak makes a major change to the rules, there needs to be a way to inform ALL cachers to go look at the guidelines there's been a change and offer an explanation of how that change will be interpreted/applied.
  25. Two references have been made to "the other thread" without a link to the relevant posts in that thread being added. Presumably the reference is to the thread about the new event time guidelines. Although the issue of moving events is mentioned in that thread, well, complained about, no one answers "why?". What is that guideline addressing? Also feel free to ignore my third question if you feel it has been sufficiently addressed elsewhere.
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