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  1. Is there a page with explicit step by step instructions on how to build a Wherigo? I would love to build one but I can not figure out the darn program to get it built or published. If this kind of page is out there please tell me the link to it so i can at least utilize it.

  2. Now that this phase has come and gone. I would like to see a particular cache come back and that would be the virtual and have them go to areas of interest and not in big cities.

    I don't want to see a virtual like the Walgreens pharmacies in the St Louis area one on every corner. I would like to see them back with the restrictions of none in big cities unless it is a historic landmark that is worthy of it(example St Louis Arch which there is a virtual here)or a area that the land manager says no physical container but virtuals will work. Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. I have 1 post from the last 2 years on this, and just curious on How many Hams would get together for a group hunt in the Dayton, Ohio area or within a hour of the hamvention?

    This year I am staying in the Cinncinati area, I will be caching in the tri-state area all weekend after i stay at the hamvention for few hours to see the new stuff.


    Ed N0WNV

  4. How many hams are going to be geocashing after the hamvention each day? Just curious, I would love to do a group hunt there in Dayton itself, with a few other hams. I will be on 147.555 if anyone is interested in doing this as a group hunt. Ed N0WNV

  5. the hide and seek a cache the search by zip or postal code has problems, I tried to do a 5 mile search on a

    particular zip code and it shows me the 100 mile search. I know it takes time to fix all the bugs, but the new look was needed.

  6. I have had a cache stolen from the state park near Troy, Missouri and a friend of mine had one stolen in the city limits of Troy within the last 6 weeks, so the stealing of cache boxes are not just limited to your area. I am just as ticked off like the rest of you about it.

  7. How many geocachers in Lincoln County and maybe surrounding counties would like to get together at

    a local restaurant to possibly get to know other geocachers? Maybe this could get to be a monthly or a

    weekly event. If it would be a monthly event we could get the Cuiver River State Park or a local City Park

    in or around Troy? I am just throwing this idea out to see what could happen for the Lincoln County area.

    Please email me direct on this, my email address is N0WNV@ primary.net and in my username on my email is a number zero not the letter O. Like I mentioned it is just a idea for this area.

  8. How many hams are going to the Hamvention in Ohio that do this Geocashing? I would like to meet up with a few people if at all possible? I am just curious how many of the Ham radio geocachers are staying in Richmond, Indiana??

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