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  1. Is there a page with explicit step by step instructions on how to build a Wherigo? I would love to build one but I can not figure out the darn program to get it built or published. If this kind of page is out there please tell me the link to it so i can at least utilize it.
  2. Now that this phase has come and gone. I would like to see a particular cache come back and that would be the virtual and have them go to areas of interest and not in big cities. I don't want to see a virtual like the Walgreens pharmacies in the St Louis area one on every corner. I would like to see them back with the restrictions of none in big cities unless it is a historic landmark that is worthy of it(example St Louis Arch which there is a virtual here)or a area that the land manager says no physical container but virtuals will work. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Since you Live in the Hannibal area go to the MODOT District Office on the south edge of town and talk to them they will be helpful and tell you yes or no on the placement of the cache in that area.
  4. Everybody that has looked at this do not be scared to make a comment here, I promise I don't bite.
  5. I have 1 post from the last 2 years on this, and just curious on How many Hams would get together for a group hunt in the Dayton, Ohio area or within a hour of the hamvention? This year I am staying in the Cinncinati area, I will be caching in the tri-state area all weekend after i stay at the hamvention for few hours to see the new stuff. Ed N0WNV
  6. Anyone wanting to get a group together after the hamvention is over each day and do a group hunt? Anyone interested, contact me at n0wnv @centurytel.net
  7. Is there anybody that would like to meet up for caching after the hamvention?? Contact me at n0wnv@centurytel.net
  8. Any Ham geocachers going to Dayton this year? Anyone up for group caching with me and my 4 legged little buddy (Alf). Ed N0WNV
  9. NØWNV Ed in Troy, Missouri joined 4/11/2008 I just didn't think to put my 2 cent worth here for some unknown reason.
  10. How many hams are going to be geocashing after the hamvention each day? Just curious, I would love to do a group hunt there in Dayton itself, with a few other hams. I will be on 147.555 if anyone is interested in doing this as a group hunt. Ed N0WNV
  11. the hide and seek a cache the search by zip or postal code has problems, I tried to do a 5 mile search on a particular zip code and it shows me the 100 mile search. I know it takes time to fix all the bugs, but the new look was needed.
  12. I have had a cache stolen from the state park near Troy, Missouri and a friend of mine had one stolen in the city limits of Troy within the last 6 weeks, so the stealing of cache boxes are not just limited to your area. I am just as ticked off like the rest of you about it.
  13. How many geocachers in Lincoln County and maybe surrounding counties would like to get together at a local restaurant to possibly get to know other geocachers? Maybe this could get to be a monthly or a weekly event. If it would be a monthly event we could get the Cuiver River State Park or a local City Park in or around Troy? I am just throwing this idea out to see what could happen for the Lincoln County area. Please email me direct on this, my email address is N0WNV@ primary.net and in my username on my email is a number zero not the letter O. Like I mentioned it is just a idea for this area.
  14. How many hams are going to the Hamvention in Ohio that do this Geocashing? I would like to meet up with a few people if at all possible? I am just curious how many of the Ham radio geocachers are staying in Richmond, Indiana??
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