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  1. Have a problem with my formerly-trusty 60CSx. It's been sitting on my desk for a couple months, and now when I turn it on, none of the front keys have any response. The top (power) key works. I read through the manual to try to find if I'd accidentally activated some kind of keylock function but couldn't find reference to anything. So, is there a keylock I should disengage, or some sort of reset I could do, or perhaps try to reflash the firmware? Or any other suggestions?
  2. Just because that antenna type is made for Bluetooth doesn't mean that is what they are using. More than likely it's just a GPS band antenna. The white part is the antenna for sure, the silver square component with circle enclosed next to it is a test port antenna connection for service/test/alignment work. Linear polarization would mean 3dB loss just from polarization mismatch over the circularly polarized helix and patch antennas. Dielectric antennas are also not known for high performance. The main application for these antennas is mobile phones which have integrated GPS, because of their small size and cheap cost. Seems like a poor choice for a premium GPS navigation unit. Wonder who will be first to desolder that antenna and connect a quadrifilar helix along with the necessary plastic case surgery.
  3. Repairing individual units is a time and resource intensive process for a large organization. Many do just what Garmin appears to be doing which is simply charge a flat fee to send out a refurbished unit and put yours into the "to be refurbished" inbox. With a little bit of online research I'll bet you could find the disassembly instructions for a 60csx, and either locate a source for replacement keymats or possibly just call Garmin and ask to purchase the part that you need. Another option might be to buy a dead or malfunctioning unit from here, or ebay or somewhere and strip it for the repair parts that you need.
  4. One more unselectable tile to add to the previous reports: N34 29 W110 58.
  5. He's working on a new version right now to correct some issues with the old ones and also to have a larger tile size so that you don't run into the 2025 tile limitation. So probably best to wait for that version to come out. When that comes out I want to try to get it and the Canadian maps going on bittorrent. I've tried repeatedly and still can't get a good download of the Canadian maps.
  6. Lets not recommend units that are not even in the market place yet. It's good to be aware of all the options though, if that unit fits their needs best they might want to wait for it.
  7. Only place for the signal to get into the cabin is through the windows.
  8. I would presume that you've seen the new Garmin TV ads for the voice recognition auto nav units (800 series). As far as I know they aren't actually available yet, at least I haven't seen them available anywhere.
  9. My plan is to re-split the whole country in to square areas, rather than counties. At which time, this should be easier to do. That sounds great... it looks like the entire US would fit on a 2gb card if it wasn't for the segment limits. Thanks for the update, I'm downloading now and hopefully we can get another torrent running for it.
  10. I can't seem to get it to download... guess I'll try again later.
  11. Apologies if I've missed it... would it be possible to combine the county sized map sections into larger sections? I hit the limit of number of sections long before getting to the memory card size limit.
  12. I've been using a Motorola cell phone auto power cord ever since I got my 60csx, works perfectly. It's the Motorola rapid charger cord so it should have plenty of current capacity.
  13. I'm currently showing 9 seeds and one leecher, and I've uploaded 3x the file size, so it seems to be working. I should be able to leave it seeding for a while, maybe he will give us first shot at the next update so we can get it seeding right away
  14. Info for my local area (south central IL) seems spot on, and road changes from the last 10 years are accurate versus every other digital map I've seen.
  15. Well, I have it set up in my client program which is showing 2 seeds (I'm one) and 5 leechers but apparently noone can connect to me...
  16. I'd be willing to give it a try, although I've never seeded before. What tracker site would be best? Ideally we'd have several people who have the file downloaded who could start seeding as soon as the torrent was set up, that would really increase speed.
  17. Would that be northern IL? I can check southern IL.
  18. You don't have to use the complete contents of a map package, you can for example put the road maps for just Canada and then pick the topo map areas that you would anticipate needing and put it on one memory card.
  19. 2GB card is effectively the largest you can use. City Navigator North America NT about 1GB. The version of Topo Canada that I have would use 3.8GB for all of Canada, so would need at least two memory cards for everything.
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