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  1. Hello K-9, hope you'll enjoy our beautiful city of Antwerp. Below a list that should get you started, based on our own cache finds and English listings : And Glory of Antwerp is a fine Virtual on a place you certainly should visit ! Antwerp Details is a City tour, visiting many interesting points in the old city. You can log the cache with a Virtual log. Dead slow ahead is a fun search in the actual docks of the Antwerp harbour. Birdwatcher would bring you to a small nature reserve on the left-riverbank, although might be hard to reach the starting point. Caches we didn't do yet, but have English listings and are in a fine place too. Buenos aires and drydocks Het Eilandje 2 (Island 2), but is currently out of circulation, due to cache box gone. Finally, if you have a specific listing, that you would like to visit, don't hesitate to contact the owner : he might have an English text available. If you contact me, I could try to translate one or two for you. A lot of course will depend on the time you'll spend here. Will you leave us a short message on our Forum, once you have done some caches ?
  2. We did this cache indeed 3 years ago, and have good memories of the small walk. Modest as ever, Barontoo did not mention another cache he placed close by : Koppenberg we visited this year, one week before the famous "Ronde Van Vlaanderen" passed by. A small, nice multi : getting there by bike would be the real challenge ! Enjoy your stay in Belgium, Gr1sou family (Antwerp)
  3. Some more ideas : more than enough to fill a week or more ! I made a selection from our founds, there are many more (nearest) that you could like : History caches Guillaume was 15 small walk, sad story Band of Brothers - Bastogne - Part 6 thematic cache near historic Bastogne Battle of the Bulge Just one example : look for more in nearest ! Some great thematic caches, full of historic information, placed for an event that took place here ! "Border" caches We enjoyed these two walks, along the BE-D border and BE-L border Grenzwanderweg Belgium Crossfire Nice walk caches Petite Mormont - Achouffe Not too hard, very good Pick this up ! MAILBOX (Luxembourg) When you're near, try to do this one : just make sure you come equiped with a post card, that will be mailed to you ! Fun idea. If you're going to Luxemburg (L) Bommeleer Attack # 2 We loved this series of theme caches, with plenty of information. Obviously, there is many more. From the geocaching.be site, you can get a map with caches, which allows you to zoom and check on the places you are planning to visit. Hope this helps, or triggers some others to visit these caches. Enjoy your holiday, Johan
  4. First, I would like to concur with DanPan's list : those I know are very good. Secondly, browsing "nearest" from those caches, will yield still more interesting results. Will do some research from our founds and put some more tips here. Question : what region will you be visiting ? With what kind of transport ? Will that be Luxemburg country ? Or Luxemburg city ? Oh, and if you have any major issues with the translation, don't hesitate to open a thread in the Belgium Forum : someone (including myself) should be able to give you a rough translation on the spot. (no sorry, don't volunteer to translate entire pages, but help needed is offered without any problem !) Hope you'll enjoy your holiday, Johan (aka dad of gr1sou family)
  5. In order to be complete : Belgium already had a second approver (for quite some time) : don't forget our friend Habot. Belleman is the second for the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. Wishing all reviewers goodluck and many thanks for your efforts to contribute to our hobby/game/passion !
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