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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I was second to find on that one almost two years ago and there wasn't any trash there. I haven't been back since... obviously things have changed. I'm also sorry I missed you at the poker tournament! Maybe next time...
  2. Stages 82 and 83 are at two ends of the same parking lot, and I'm not so sure that there's an entrance from Lamperti. Might be better to follow Lamperti to Meadowbrook, pick up 83 first then 82.
  3. Streets have changed between stages 49 and 50. You must go south on Myra to the light at Whitman Drive and turn right.
  4. At stage 45, "Along Myra" is named that way because Myra Road now goes clear through from Hwy 125 to Hwy 12. Also, at least as of today, the stretch of 13th street between Pine and Rose is closed due to construction. Again, no telling what it'll be a month from now, but it might be better to head south from stage 45 down the uncharted Myra Road, then turn left on Rose to pick up 46 and 47. Speaking of 47, There's not really a street that goes there, and it definitely does not go through to Poplar. It's a big vacant lot and a sort of semi-paved stretch that'll get you close.
  5. There's some major road construction in the Pine and 13th area. Might be cleared up by the date of the event, but you never know. Parking might not be as easy a you might like.
  6. After stage 43, there's no need to turn right on Cherry Street, go back to 9th then left to Pine Street. You can exit the park and go straight ahead on Cayuse Street and turn left at Pine.
  7. Here's another re-route... From stage 13 you'll have to continue NE on A Street until you get to 1st Street. Follow that all the way across to C Street. C Street no longer goes through to Airport Road. In fact, you'll find a bonus cache at stage 13 that takes advantage of this fact!
  8. Between stage 6 and stage 7 you'll need to re-route a little. Wellington does not intersect Hwy 12 but passes under it. Instead, follow Hwy 12 a little farther east and turn right on Wilbur. Proceed to the stop sign and turn right on Melrose. Stage 8 is in a parking lot there. You can then go to 7, turn around and head out to 9.
  9. My wife finally decided to get an account of her own. We went out today on a little cache run and, to help her log her finds, I thought I'd share my bookmarks list for this outing. For the life of me, I couldn't find how to find the "shared" list. In the end, I made the list "public", then sent her to my profile to use the public list to log her finds. So, what's the deal with "shared" lists? How, exactly, do you share them? Couldn't find a link anywhere that would let me share the bookmarks list with anyone. Is it just a dead feature?
  10. And here I thought that I was the only one on the planet that had heard of this movie... well, maybe I'm the only one that enjoys it! I'd do that cache!
  11. Yes! GCStatistic works very well, although the German developer still has a little way to go in getting English lingo just right. He's come a long way since version 1.0, and I'm downloading version 1.3 Beta 3 as I type this. Have a look at my profile page and see if this is the sort of thing that you're looking for... (sorry, I don't know how to give you a direct link to it...)
  12. Charts! That's what this discussion needs. Let's see scatter plots that compare and contrast various aspects of the game versus date. You know, sort of like those ones that conclusively prove a correlation between the rise in global temperature and the decline in the number of pirates...
  13. I just downloaded it and it works well. See my profile page to see my not-very-exciting statistics! A word of warning, though... the program is in German so, unless you read German, you may have to look at the English read-me file to get going.
  14. Also, most web browsers allow you to change the size of the fonts while you're viewing a page. That can be very handy! We now return you to the thread in progress...
  15. The new iPhone does indeed have real GPS capabilities with no need for cell availability. However, some programs that save cache description information (such as iGeoCacher or Geocaching) will not be able to display any photos on the cache page without a web connection of some sort (either cell or WiFi). You also won't be search for caches with the Geocaching app. However, you should be able to use the GPS capability with the Geocaching app with no web connection at all. I just realized that what I said above might not have been entirely clear. I meant that, without an internet connection of some sort, you won't be able to search the Geocaching.com web site for cache listings. Once you've saved the cache listings, you can most certainly search for caches without any web connection. I don't know of anyone who actually uses an iPhone for this purpose, so I can't vouch for how well it performs. I use an iPod for the cache page listings and a GPSMap60csx for finding my way to them.
  16. This link still seems to work: <http://www.geocaching.com/my/upload.aspx> but I don't know that there's a button anywhere that takes you there... probably for good reason!
  17. Well, I can't say as I can think of a use for it aside from some sort of encryption or decryption tasks, but it's pretty much self explanatory. Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a number in sequence. You may choose to have a=1 or a=26 by selecting one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Type in a line of text and the results are automatically shown on the page. You get the sum of the numbers that were substituted for the letters in whatever you typed, then the sum of the digits in that number and finally the sum of the digits in that number. I'll leave it to someone who's into puzzles to explain the need for this sort of thing...
  18. I'd like to see a mark for DNFs not only on the list but on maps as well so that I can be reminded of the caches I need to go back and find. I have enough of them that I could easily plan a day's worth of hunting. Easy enough to do a PQ, I guess...
  19. It is in the mobile App Store, it's just tricky to find. Do a search for "geocach" and the list only pops up one app, the wrong one. But, hit the blue "Search" button and you get a more complete listing, with the one we want right at the bottom. Loads real fast too!
  20. So, where'd you find it? The App Store via iPod doesn't show it in the various places I've looked...
  21. Does anyone know what's up with Sgt Eagle? He started archiving all of his caches today at ten 'til one and by twenty past two they were all gone (well, 176 of the 177 he's hidden). Even the one published just this past Friday... I've only searched for (and found) one of his caches, but he's kind of a Tri-Cities phenom, despite having been around less than two years. Anyone? Buehler?
  22. I've used Air Sharing to Google Earth satellite images (as PDFs) into my iPod Touch. Works like a charm. I also use iGeoCacher to get my Pocket Query results in there. The only thing I'd like iGeoCacher to do is actually download the various images instead of keeping links to images. Out in the woods, there ain't no WiFi!
  23. Same here. Ditto. I do leave behind a signature item for the owner though. Yup. We have our swag bag with us and will leave something in caches we've enjoyed finding. Pretty much leave a sig item in any cache large enough. Very rarely find anything I'd like to take, but mrs_rockmetteller likes bubble rings . For the most part, I sign the log and move on.
  24. MacGPSPro can read Pocket Query GPX files and place icons for found and not found. Dr. James also offers digitized topo maps of every state, and these can be loaded into MacGPSPro to make a really nice display. Individual map quads are automatically tiled, and the white boarders removed. I haven't found a good way to print a large one yet, although I haven't poked at it too much. It always wants to split the printout into letter-sized pages.
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