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  1. Wow! Cool coin wish we were going so we could find one:(
  2. Well, I amended that a few posts up. It probably would be a good idea to check peoples list and see if you have a coin they want first before deciding who to send it to but even if you cannot find a coin on someone's lists, a random coin you think they would like and do not have is acceptable too. I want everyone to have fun with this, so I want to make it easy for everyone
  3. Ok, all. Sorry I'm a little late but I have picked someone for the FTR (First To Receive) but please keep posting if you are interested in receiving this mission so everyone can get an idea of who to send it to next. I think it is a good idea to sign the back of the letter I am sending along with the coin to use as a log so everyone knows who has already received it too, so please do so when you get it as well as posting to the witch's coin page and the this thread. The FTR will not know who they are til they get the coins. Have fun with this mission and may it keep going on and on
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot, if you are in a different country and still would like to participate that's fine. I'll accept pics of monuments you took on vactions even if you are not in them but only pics that you took, no internet pics. The message you give to the men and women who serve no matter what country you are in is the most important part but the one's with pics will be looked at first.
  5. Ok, the 4th of July is just around the corner so let's show our patriotism and tell our men and women in the armed forces what they mean to us. I will be giving away an unactivated coin from our collection to the post we like the best. Post a picture of yourself or family member with a patriotic theme and you must include a message to the men and women of our armed services telling them how much you appreciate what they are doing for us and our country or it will not count. Please don't get political, just wish our troops a safe time while they are on tour and a safe journey home. Cointest will end at Midnight EST on JULY 4.
  6. A lot of people put their stuff here http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoCoinTrading.php
  7. I don't know if you have dollar stores there in sweden but a cache stuffed full of goodies from the dollar store or a dime store are nice. Maybe you and the girls could whip up a big batch of homemade trail mix and wrap that as gifts with maybe some kind of beef jerkey and other little nic nacs that someone would snack on during a geo hunt? Even just a bag ful of mini log books, film canisters (you can usually get those free from a place that develops film), pens and your sig items would be nice too? Just a few thoughts?
  8. Oh wow! That sounds like a beautiful coin! I don't live far from where they have their annual swim although I've never gone to see them. I'd have to get some when they came out:)
  9. Nochipra


    I think this site has some printout you can get? http://geocacher-u.com/content/section/9/65/
  10. If everyone wants to sign the letter I will be sending with the coin that expanations how the mission works, that will be fine and then people can add paper to the log as needed. If you have a coin that you can send to the next person in your possession then please try to send it out within a week of receiving it otherwise if you are doing a trade to get the next recipient a coin on their seeking list or one of their heart's desire coins then I think two weeks is a resonable amout of time to complete the trade and get the coins out to the next person. Everyone wants a chance to receive this mission and it would not be fair to hold on to it since others would be waiting to receive a coin they would like. Just please keep in mind that I am doing this as a test and if I see that people are not sending it out within a reasonable time then I will not release the other witch coins I planned to send out like this one so more can enjoy the missions.
  11. Well, there are already quite a few names listed already that want to participate so I will give it until Wed. July 2 at 9:00 EST (I will probably be out late Tues night so I will make it Wed. night) and then I will pick a name for the FTR (First To Receive). You will not know you have been chosen as the FTR until you receive the coins in the mail. I'll announce the cut off time as it gets closer but after that I will continue to let people say that they would like to participate in this thread so that when a person receives the coins they know who is interested in getting it next and who is willing to send it along to the next person. Please do not sign up to receive it if you are not going to be responsible enough to keep it going within a reasonable amount of time. If this works well then I will more than likely send out at least two more of these coins as #2 and #3 to increase the chances for more to participate.
  12. It can be sent to a random person (but preferably to someone who has said they would like to participate in this thread). It should be easier to get their address too since most have said they are in the forum address book. Just please send it to someone you know is responsible enough to get the coins to the next recipient in a reasonable amount of time.
  13. Today we received our Reverse Mission from Team Hvilan in Sweden. Thank you so much for such a wonderful package. You did a great job. Please check out the Reverse Mission Thread to hear about what we got:)
  14. Yea!!! We received our mission today from Team Hvilan in Sweden:) You all did a wonderful job of capturing the Newport News, Virginia USA area. It was a job well done for your first mission:) And yes, we do have a whole lot of fishing possibilities in this area. As a matter of fact we have the James River pier only about a mile or so from our house where you can fish right out of the James River but would you believe I have never been on it to fish. It used to be a part of the old James River Bridge that they left for fishing but I have only been on it when it was actually the bridge. I would go fishing more myself but Chip is not really into it so we have never been. His parents even live on a lake and his brother in law goes fishing in a boat on the lake all the time but we have never been with him either, go figure? We received a place mat? or some kind of tapestry (not real sure what it is made for but we will probably use it on one of our tables) made of a denim material with sailboats on it (very pretty), a note holder with a dala horse in the bottom (that will come in handy since I keep a lot of notes thrown around my computer), some beautiful stickers of seashells, transfers of lighthouses, sealife and a moose, and an anchor stamp for scrapbooking (how did you know I had a scrapbook I am working on?), also a large cat paper clip (that will also come in handy for keeping notes together), we also got a mini penguin figure (not pictured because Chip snatched that up and added it to his collection before I could barely see it, lol) a very special Beaver Dude hockey puck micro coin and a wonderful Sameland 2008 coin. You can tell 6 yr old Benjamin that he did a wonderful job picking out the items for this mission, we love it all especially his favorite hockey puck coin, we feel honored to have received it. Please tell him thank you and give him a big hug from us:) Thank you all for a wonderful mission package
  15. Ok, I can see the problem with a coin that is on someone's seeking list or heart's desire list (what I mean by heart's desire list is the people who have posted a coin or coins they desire in that thread), so I'll change it to just a random coin that you can send along with the witch's coin that you think someone would like (but I would prefer if you can find a coin on a seeking list or heart's desire list first even if you have to trade for it just like you would a regular mission). If you are going to trade for the mission please post here that you are doing so and it may take a little more time to get the coins out. As for the limit of people who will receive the coin, I was just going to make this a continuing mission that could go on forever. I'm just doing this as an experiment first and then if I see it is going well I may send out more coins in the future. When you recieve the coin please post it like this to this thread: Received The Witch's Coin Chain Mission: (give date) What you received with the Witch's Coin: (please post pics) Have a coin I can send immediately: Yes or No Am in the process of trading for a coin for the Mission: (approx. how long it will take to complete the trade) Witch's Coin Mission is Sent: (give date) As long as the mission is sent to the next person in a reasonable amount of time that is ok with me. If you all can think of anything else just let me know. Also as far as the icons go, what I would like is for you to dip the coin in a cache and then retrieve it before sending it to someone else so that you can get the icon similar to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Traveling Cache Bug I sent out. I want this to be fun and something everyone can look forward to receiving. It will be the neverending mission
  16. Ok everyone here is a new suprise ongoing mission that you can particpate in. I have activated a 2008 Walpurgis Event Witch geocoin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...32-eac841f75173 and her mission is to fly to different cachers mailboxes accompanyed by another coin on that recipient's seeking list or on their heart's desire list. Once you receive the two coins you get to keep the coin that the witch brings you but you MUST forward the witch coin to the next person who is willing to participate (who's name should be within the posts on this thread). Please post here that you are willing to participate and whether your name and address are in the on line address book that has been posted here on the forum (here is that thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=175199&hl= . Once there are enough people who have posted that they would like to particpate I will pick a name by random number generator for the FTR (FIRST TO RECEIVE) . That person will receive a coin off their seeking list or heart's desire list and another random coin that I choose. I hope you all have fun with this new ongoing mission
  17. The new Celtic Sun coins are very beautiful. When we got it I showed it to Chip and he said it was more of a "girlie" coin.
  18. I don't know whether this one is "best" or not, but I've had a Garmin Nuvi 350 for a year and I love love it!! The price is down to $199 at Amazon, I think. This unit is very easy to use (I am NOT a techie, I'm an elementary teacher!!) and speaks the names of each street for turns in addition to the distance, often tells me which lane to get in too. If you prefer to go another route, it will quickly recalculate and tell you how to go that way, no endless "make a U turn" messages as some units do. I highly recommend this GPS. (It does not respond to voice commands, if that was what you mean. But it talks TO you.) There are other, fancier models of Nuvis, but this one is great IMHO. I've also used it for geocaching (although it's really made for car use), and it's very accurate in finding coordinates. It finds and holds the satellite signals very well. If he gets any of the Nuvi series, there is a very good bean-bag mount that works great. (Everything else you'd need is included with the GPS, including the windshield kind of mount.) But I'm picky about my car and didn't want anything stuck to it. Be sure to get the beanbag that is specifically for Nuvis, not the other Garmin one. if you don't want to use the regular mount. HTH a little-- We also have a Garmin Nuvi 350 and we love it too. It work just fine for geocaching. We put it into pedestrian mode once we get to the location of the cache and it tells you which direction to walk.
  19. Actually, this was the case I had with the nocturnal coins I was selling. When I put them up on ebay there were no more being sold at C&P so I had put sold out on the ebay sales. A few days later they had restocked without my knowing it and RSG you did contact me to let me know and I very much appreciated you doing that and I changed the last sale for a nocturnal coin and took off the Sold Out but unfortunately the two others I had put on previously were about to be sold and had bids and I was unable to change the title on those. I really hate it when a vendor runs out of a stock and does not put on the site that they are going to restock at a later date. That really is misleading too because when we buy extras to sell on ebay, it really helps to put Sold Out to gain a little profit which is the whole reason for selling on there in the first place.
  20. Oh my God!!!!! these are so beautiful!!!!! WOW! Congratulations my friend!!!! Amazing coins!!!!!!! WOW! I totally agree, those are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get some! TSUN! OMG! What a HUNK!!! LMAO! He's not as tall as I thought he'd be though
  21. HINT 3: You got the province right, but from this Recreation Center in Hoogerheide to our campside it is at the fastest route a 1 hour and 15 minutes drive. From what I can tell from the maps there is a place called De Zoom Kalmthoutse Heide that looks to be a park and there looks to be a small area or village named Putte in the south and a place called ? There is also a Huljbergen in the Northern part? I'm totally lost though, we don't have villages here in the U.S. and not many provinces (only in certain states)?
  22. Maybe? Recr.centrum Familyland Groene Papegaai 19 4631 RX Hoogerheide Netherlands
  23. Knokke isn't in the Netherlands... it is already Belgium. oh, ok? I'm trying to look at maps and I'm getting a little confused almost 6:30 am here gotta go to bed some time, lol.
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