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  1. That is fine but it is on a first come first serve basis. If someone else can pay today then I will have to email you and let you know it is sold. I will email you my paypal address for a payment. U.S. addresses only please.
  2. I was just wondering when everyone's birthday, anniversaries, geoanniversary (the day you started geocachig) day, first cache hide anniversary or any day you care to celebrate is. Geocaching related or not. I'll start: Our geocaching name Nochipra aka Nora and Chip Nora's Birthday - Jan. 28, none of your business yr. lol Chip's Birthday - Oct. 4, shouldn't really say yr but the last to numbers are 61, lol The day Chip and Nora met face to face in a yahoo disabily chat room - Feb. 9, 2001 at a local mall Our Geocaching Anniversary - found our first cache on Aug 31, 2003 Huntington Park Micro-cache (still around) Joined our local Hampton Roads Geocaching group on Sept 3, 2003 Went to our first local Hampton Road Geocachers Picnic in Sept, 2003 Bought my first geocoin at the 5th Annual Hampton Roads Geocachers picnic Sept 1, 2007 (The Hampton Road Geocachers 1st group coin) Can't think of any other dates right now but I'll edit it later if I think of some.
  3. It's a very nice coin. What payments do you accept and can we get it though the company that produced or you?
  4. Hi, I've been out all day and just got back home. Both units are still available but I have had a lot of interest in them but no final sales yet. Like I said before I really do not know anything about the units except what is in the manuals so please read the links to the manuals that are in the original post. We have not used these units for quite some time and cannot remember if it is real time or not. If anyone has one and knows about the units they are free to post their experiences here about them. Just remember that you are buying the units as is with batteries. They are my boyfriends units so I have no real knowledge of how they work. The first one that says they are interested and actually pays through paypal gets one or both.
  5. do artist editions have tracking numbers and icons? I'm new to collecting?
  6. paypal is fine, I'm interested in the tie die shirt and the purple jeeps, I'll send an email
  7. what kind of payment do you take? oh ok, just say paypal only.
  8. I would post in the What does your geocoin heart desire thread, geocoin trading thread and other related topics to let people know what coins you would like or can trade.
  9. How about a coin with Klinger in a dress or nurses outfit with hairy legs and all? I was a fan of that show too but my boyfriend can't stand it. He said he couldn't stand the laugh track in the show. He says why is their a laugh track for a show that is set in a remote location? Guess he has a point although I never noticed the laugh track til he told me?
  10. I'd recommend coming through VA though. There are a lot of great caches here in this state:)
  11. illinois indiana kentucky tennessee
  12. Is there a link to see what the calendars look like, I may be interested in getting one? I've looked in this thread and can't seem to find one?
  13. I see your point:) And yes a lot of people on this forum do give away and trade a lot of their coins. And, the reward would be mine to receive these beautiful coins. I was just trying to maybe create a kind of fun thread where people would give a comical sales pitch which would help them offset the costs of producing these coins when people do buy them.
  14. Ok, I am getting ready to spend some of my money on geocoins this month. I am on a limited budget and only have so much. I am a new geocoin collector and this is your chance to advertise your SPECIAL coin. Make me buy it!!! Give me a sales pitch, show pictures, give me a sob story about how you need the money, and most importantly give me the address or web site where I can buy the coin. Anything to make me buy your particular coin. Your reward will be me actually buying your coin. GO!
  15. Darn missed the contest again, I really wish they would put up a contest thread on the main page. I miss more contest .....!
  16. Great I'll keep a check on that coin page. Glenn721 was kind enough to send me one of his beautiful compass rose coins. I think if I can remember to do so, I'll take a pic at each event I go to with the coin and put it on that page too:)
  17. oh man, I didn't even realize that contest was goin on. Sorry I missed it, will there be another?
  18. Great trade with 3doxies completed today. Thanks again for the VA coin:)
  19. I received a beautiful purple seahorse from dorkfish from the cointest the other night. Thanks so much Karma:)
  20. I don't know if this is gonna work or not but here it goes?
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