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  1. Who has a website that sells geocoins other than the main online stores? I just want to add them to my favorites lists?
  2. Oct 3 We got the 8 Muddy Feet 20 Muddy toes (silver) - Love it been wanting that for a while Geowoodstock 07 - Great coin Purple Silly Boys - Very cute and very nice Seigo -South East Idaho Geocachers Operative -Very Nice Coin as bonus - was not expecting All from Mr.Explorer3 in a trade for some hockey items. Thank you soooooo much, especially for the beautiful Seigo bonus coin. It was totally unexpected. Thanks
  3. duh? Ok, I'm stupid and really tired I have not been to bed all night. I'm not thinking straight. Thanks I'll try it again. Everyone can have a good laugh now I know I am, LOL.
  4. Generally speaking an Artist Edition coin is produced in a different metal finish or with a different set of colors than the regular production coins. All the coins I have designed have the differences listed on my web site but I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Sometimes I choose both a different metal and a different color scheme. A quick example would be the Jeep racers, the Geocoin Store sold them in Red, Green, Yellow and Navy Blue, my Artist Editions were made in Purple and Black. The GCC ones were produced on Black Nickel, mine were produced on Shiny Nickel AND Black Nickel (due to a mixup I got both with shared tracking numbers) Hope that helps! Yeah that explains a lot, thanks.
  5. For some reason I cant get the email sent it says geocoindesign.com is not a correct address? Am I typing it wrong?
  6. I'm just curious? Is there a way to tell an artist edition from a regularly produced coin by looking at it or will I need to keep them separated so I can keep track?
  7. We saw a brief story about geocaching on TV back in 2003. We already had a gps so we said why not give it a try and have been hooked ever since.
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