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  1. Thought of some more:) Scotland coin New Australian coin with Ostrich Yime Rose Highland Fairy Boomerang Time and Space Astronomy Zodiac 2008 Tadpole The Real Adventurer (Indy Jones) coin 2007 Alabama coin
  2. I just got our purple and black Musketeers coins in so if anyone wants to trade a Musketeer coin (purple or black), a LE Nickel Accessibility coin and pin, and I will even throw in our flying nerdling V2 geonerd in the trade for an earth turtle. I'm still looking for either a new or older version, any metal. You will get 3 coins and a pin for 1 earth turtle. Just give me an email through our profile if interested. Thanks
  3. Oh yeah, almost forgot we got some of these today too.
  4. I also received one of the best packages I have ever received today!!! A few days ago I had emailed Corina aka Geo. Error about a package I was sending her and she mentioned that she was going to Ireland and hoped she would be there when the package arrived. I told her it was a coincidense that I was studying my family history which goes back to the Scotch/Irish heritage and that they had lived in Northern Ireland after leaving Scotland and then moving onto America. Well, I get this package from her today and it has the most wonderful gifts!!! 5 beautiful postcards from Ireland and a refrigerator magnet with the American and Irish flag that says Friendship and her geonerd! Thank you so much Corina for your very thoughtful gifts. I can't express how much they mean to me to have something from the country where my ancestors came from. Thank you so much Corina from the bottom of my heart, you made me really happy today. Here are some pics.
  5. got a few sets of the trackable and untrackables. Can't wait to get the male version though, lol.
  6. email sent. Great cache and pictures:)
  7. I use the Print Shop 22 to design mine. I can manage to get the basic idea of what I want to the companies. Since we got our new computer though I can't use the Print Shop 22 on Vista without updating it so I'm going to wait til version 23 comes out in Sept. or Oct. and get it.
  8. whoops guess I got in a little late. Congrats to the winner!
  9. Great poker player Marcel Luske is from the Netherlands and there is also a Netherlands version of American Idol with the same kind of crazy contestants like this guy. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IMB6O1HAqec&feature=related
  10. I have a couple of extra Musketeer coins coming I ordered (black and purple) if anyone has any earth turtle to trade. I'd like to get one older and one newer version. I'll throw in one of our LE Nickel Accessibility coins and pin to sweeten the trade for the turtles too. Just send me an email through our profile. Thanks
  11. Hey Naomi, I'm glad you got the packages, I hope whatever happened is taken care of soon, or if someone is sick or hurt that they are feeling better very soon. Our prayers and well wishes are with you always. Take care. We got a great package from Italy today from kdv with two great First Italian coins with Galileo, one to keep and one to send into the wild which we will do soon. Thank you for the trade kdv!
  12. http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/4m.html Got em! THANK YOU:)!!! I was on geoswag presale page but for some reason your link worked? Thanks so much!
  13. I've been refreshing the page for about a 1/2 hr and they have NEVER shown up?
  14. Where are they!!! They never showed up???
  15. This contest is hilarious!!! I think my mom has my worst pic. My 8th grade school pic. She had helped me curl my hair on pic day and told me to just run a brush through my hair before pics and the "Farrah Fawcet winged bangs would just fall into place". Well, not exactly, she had put hair spray on my hair and when I brushed them back they stayed and I look like a girl who had a wig on that was falling off, braces on my teeth, and glasses. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT PICTURE!!! If I have chance I'll post but I probably won't get it from mom any time soon. The following year I got contacts, a hair cut, and the braces off my teeth, lol.
  16. Here are our nerds. We opted not to put our name on them and instead put flying nerdling on it since they look like they are flying. If your interested in a trade please send us your offers through our profile. Thanks.
  17. We opted to be a little different and not put our name on ours instead we just put flying nerdling. I thought it looked like he was flying, lol. They are so cute. Open to anyone who wants to trade just email me your offers. The purple is actually a little lighter than this terrible pic but he is very sparkly. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the reminder, got some:)
  19. Yahoo!!! We got ours too! The Flying Nerdling! Edit: I checked our package and we just got the 24 coins as we expected. The 25th one we donated to TNT coin auction. Sorry no unexpected coins that people are missing in our package:( We got our mystery nerd too, thanks so much!
  20. GOOD NEWS ALL! Geoswag now has the Accessibility coins on their regular web site and there are still LE Nickel coins available. Here is the link http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/...ccoins-ss4.html
  21. How about a panda bear for something different?
  22. Still looking for any earth turtle old or new.
  23. THAT is one AWESOME sunet. By Highlands, do you mean Scotland ? Yes, that's Bonnie Scotland ! That is a totally awesome view!!! I wish I could go to Scotland right now! I have been reading the family history report my uncle did in college about 20 yrs ago about my family on my father's side and found out that our family came from Scotland. They went from Scotland to Ireland and then to the US. What we call here in the U.S. Scots Irish but I consider them actually Scottish since that is where they originated. Anyway, to get back on subject. I think this would be a great mission so count us in. Can't wait to get started
  24. I have a Nickel LE Accessibility Geocoin with the nickel pin that goes with it for any Earth Turtle old or new. Just send me a email through our profile. Thanks
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