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  1. I don't have any pics while caching but I just wanted to wish Ceasar a good recovery. Take care, we are stuck at home too, WAAAAAAA!!!!
  2. I just wanted to wish all the Geowoodstock VI attendees a good time. Wish I could have gone but finances and my mode of transportation does not allow me to, so please post your pics and stories here so we that could not attend can live vicariously through you. Thanks
  3. Yesterday I got an absolutely wonderful package! I didn't recognize the address and didn't think it was a mission package. When I opened it up this is what I found! There was also a small envelope and when I opened it I thought I would cry! It was an antique silver earth turtle!!! I have been wanting one of these coins forever!!! This wonderful package was a random gift from IBcrashin. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have not been feeling very well lately because of a nasty cold that won't seem to go away and this just made me feel wonderful! I can't tell you how happy you made me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Is all I can say, and your generosity will not be forgotten
  4. Make a gps that is similar to a metal detector that beeps when you point it right over the cache whether it be tuppaware, ammo can or a micro. Something to detect all types of caches on the spot.
  5. Absoluely beatiful! Gonna get some.
  6. Finally got our mission out today May 21, 2008
  7. Not really sure if I'm in this mission or not? Have not got a name but I got an outstanding package today. I'm trying to determine if it is for this mission or just a random package sent from a WONDERFUL PERSON? Whether it's from this mission or not though, this person is TERRIFIC!!! I'll post pics once it's determined either here and/or in the Mailbox thread.
  8. I think I just screwed up? I just edited the pic I posted yesterday or should I say very early this morning describing what Tippi was doing and didn't pay attention to the cointest ending time. Oh well, but I actually did post the pic before the time limit?
  9. It's been a while but I still have the coins set aside for this so if you can send me your addy I'll get them out to ya asap
  10. Has anyone kept track yet of how many mystery coins have shown up for 2008? So far I've only heard of the dark knight, and I think I heard of a new Leprechaun one but I'm not sure? anyone else? edit: oh yeah, and the new goofy one too:)
  11. I will be getting our mission out this week, hopefully Monday. I've been sick with a bad cold and want to get out soon, I've been getting cabin fever.
  12. Tippi the Caching Cat - Likes to lay down in the cabinet in the computer room while I'm in here and he poked his head out to check out the new mystery coin when we got it. Trying to sniff out who sent it
  13. Wow! Another mystery coin. Cool! I've been away from the forums lately since I've had a really bad cold and look at all I've missed? Goofy is one of my favorite disney characters. He's so cute and goofy
  14. Hey Naomi, I'm so glad you are looking to create a truly accessible cache As far as advice goes, the first thing I would suggest is if your girls cannot reach it without stretching to get it then, it probably would be out of reach for someone with limited arm movement. The one's I really enjoy are the one's that are right in front of your face without you knowing it. Something that was painted to blend in, a fake bolt, a fake leaf, rock, something that looks like it belongs in the terrain and gives you a challenge and can make you feel a little dumb after you have been searching half the day for it, lol. As far as the distance goes? I use an electric wheelchair and it really doesn't make a difference to me how far we go to get it as long as it doesn't take all day to get there and run my battery out but for Chip who goes with me and has leg problems then his limitation would probably be about around a mile before he really gave out but someone who uses crutches or has a very difficult time walking then probably a lot less than that. You might want to try doing a multi cache too? We've never really done a multi cache that take you to other locations because I've alway been afraid that I might be able to do one part of it but not the rest of it because of terrain problems. Maybe something that goes to different historic places in Sweden or popular place or even one that has a puzzle that you have to figure out and then takes you to different places? Creativity is what I appreciate in a cache. I hope this helps a little? When you do make the cache I'd like to get the link so I can put it into my watch list if you don't mind. Feel free to email me and ask any questions you would like. I'll try to help with some suggestions. Nora
  15. Thought of some more:) Scotland coin New Australian coin with Ostrich Yime Rose Highland Fairy Boomerang Time and Space Astronomy Zodiac 2008 Tadpole The Real Adventurer (Indy Jones) coin 2007 Alabama coin I just saw an Isle of Man geocoin on ebay. What a beautiful coin!!! I just had to add that to my desire list and also the 1701eh Star Trek geocoin or any Star Trek related coin, I'm a big Trekkie fan. That's the first time I've seen one related to Star Trek?
  16. Congrats to all the recipients! A Very Cool Coin!!! I can't wait for the new movie to come out. It looks like Heath Ledger played a great Joker in the movie from the trailers I've seen. MMMMnnnn? Maybe a Joker mystery coin in the future????
  17. Yesterday we got our Souvenir Mission from Blue MotMot. A cool bandana from the Chico Cycling Club, a card explaining about the area and two coins, an antique silver License to Cache coin and the pretties purple and pink guitar coin. Thank you so much!!!
  18. Yesterday we got our Souvenir Mission from Blue MotMot. A cool bandana from the Chico Cycling Club, a card explaining about the area and two coins, an antique silver License to Cache coin and the pretties purple and pink guitar coin. Thank you so much!!!
  19. When I was born, I was born on my parent's 7th anniversary and I was their first child. I have one younger sister. What should have been a wonderful occasion for them was dampened somewhat because I was born with a birth defect called spina bifida and the doctor's were unsure of whether I would live or not. I am sure they were very unsure of how to raise a child with a disability and it was totally unexpected. My mom told me that once I was born she asked the doctor if I would need to be treated any differently from any other child and the doctor told her to raise me just like she would a "normal" child which is exactly what she did. She expected me to do my part in society and I grew up doing chores, being punished when I did something wrong, doing my best in school (I even graduated from college). All the while she took me to my doctor's appointments which I had quite often, she and my dad had to pay for braces and crutches, braces on my teeth, wheelchairs, and other miscellaneous things that children with disabilities need. She was also a full time kindergarten teacher with her own private kindergarten. I totally credit her with the way I do things in my life and my determination do what I want to do even if it is a little more difficult to accomplish. Thank you mom for raising me the way you did:)
  20. I find these coins very interesting? Both my grandfather's were coal miners and I would be interested in more information about them before purchasing? Exactly how do you make them? Are they coated in something so that the coal does not come off on your hands? Are they easily breakable? Did you purchase a bunch of tracking numbers from Groundspeak to put onto the coins? Please give a little more information and I will be happy to purchase some.
  21. Wow! That is one beautiful coin!!! Congrat on getting it Naomi. I hope your job turns out much better! I did quite a few customer service jobs myself. The very first one I had was doing customer service for a credit card. Talk about rough! I used to get yelled and cussed at about every day and that was right after I said hello:) I stayed at that job exactly 1 yr and I mean EXACTLY 1 Year to the day just so I could say I had a year's experience in customer service and then I moved on to other customer service jobs which were somewhat better. I don't know if you have ever heard that song "Take this job and shove it"? but I think I would get a copy of it and play it every day you come home after work. It might help relieve some of the stress even if you can't really say that to your boss but you can always pretend, lol.
  22. Is it too late to join up? I have not been in the forums lately and just found this?
  23. 1. Souvenir Email Sent - yes 2. Souvenir Name Received - May 1, 2008 3. Souvenir Mission Sent - working on it 4. Souvenir Mission Received
  24. Need any volunteers to help search? Hey Naomi, Do you get Playgirl Magazine there in Sweden? Although, I've heard they don't have as many hangups about nudity of there so they probably have plenty of magazines to choose from. I new a teacher in college who taught a sex ed class there and she was from Sweden and I heard a lot of stories:) I'm never too busy to help create a quality geocoin so if you need the help researching just let me know. LOL! EDIT: P.S. Don't tell Chip
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