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  1. Doves are OK, but would much rather have a White Jeep Released G&C
  2. ordered one - looking forward to the new icon on our stats!! G&C
  3. Yep don't mind waiting although we might get round to asking in French/Spanish forums before then! Thanks G&C
  4. Is anyone going anywhere near the French/Spanish border at all in the nearish future. We would like to log Where's in a Name? and need someone to go to a point on N42.02.1ab with ab being any numbers of their choice. This is quite near the border and anyone driving down would probably go through it. It is a log for both parties so e-mail us if you are interested. Thanks G&C
  5. Like lakeuk, we don't geocache for the swaps but lately I have found that if the cache just contains odds and sods, I'm a bit dissapointed and I'm sure this will increase as our son gets more interested in what we swap. It doesn't have to be expensive, but its great if the contents are fun. G&C
  6. Yes, We will be there. Also why don't you want a photo of our cat? Surely that's discrimination. G&C
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