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  1. Searching for "report a tax fraud" leads you to this site: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/How-Do-You-Report-Suspected-Tax-Fraud-Activity%3F Anyone already filled out the Form 3949-A ?
  2. Wieso kannst du das Listing nicht sehen? der Cache ist nur für Premiummitglieder sichtbar. Schonmal auf radioscouts Profil geschaut? Der IST Premiummember! Er scheint diesbezüglich aber irgendwie Verständnisprobleme zu haben ... !
  3. @matejcik: Yeah, everything works fine (at the moment), many thanks. I hope that the builder (or the complete Wherigo-story) will be updated in the near future, sometimes it's very annoying and difficult to do all that stuff (especially button scripts, aaargh). And hopefully the bug with cancelling five of six getInput's or other things happen if you have several things that should do something STEP BY STEP (instead of rushing to the last one) will get fixed. Till the next question Chris
  4. Damned It's my first cartridge and I'm trying the whole Wherigo-things out for 2 days, maybe that's why I'm doing wrong . I will think about your way (sounds easy) and will give it a try tomorrow, now it's way to late for me. If everything goes right: Many thanks for your answer (and I will always remember of "do not use OnClicks. ever.")!! If not: I'll ask you again Chris
  5. Hi there, by now I have a small problem with the following: - Player is standing in the last zone before the final zone (final is invisible but active) 1.) I give the user one task (on clicking there's input on a question required), if the player answers (doesn't matter whether right or wrong), the next tasks becomes visible, the previous one invisible. 2.) The second task is built the same way than the first ....and so on ..... 3) The last task (question 6): The user answers and then I check whether the answers were correct or not. If they were correct, - a sound should be heard - a message box should pop up - the final zone should be visible so the player can go on PROBLEM: Everything works fine, the questioning, the answering, the checking BUT I can't find a way to make the final zone visible (and the message popping up, the sound, ...) if all of the answers were correct as I couldn't find a trigger that fires for all that because the player is still standing in the last zone (not moving, not leaving, nothing). Is there something I can do that a trigger fires (final visible, sound, ...) after all answers are given and without moving? Chris
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