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  1. I like it when people help me in finding the better deal and if ray333 can still sell it at the price he is asking then somebody must have gotten the best deal they could. With that said, its people like ray that have taught me to always compare prices and do my research before a buy. I know the last time I bought a car I did get them to go down in price.
  2. I would like to know if i can go papperless with the N810. I just got it and was hopping to use it besides GPS, and go papperless as well, but have no idea how and i have looked all over to find an anser.
  3. I have a Palm z22, and tring to go papperless. Is it possable to do it with this and if yes how? THANKS!
  4. Would like to know if you stil have it. very interested
  5. You still have it? never mind i just found one for $135.00 new.
  6. I would like to get a idea on what i might want to do for upgrading my curent gps. I have a Garmin Venture HC and i can say i think it's a great unit and i don't have to get rid of it but i want to upgrade and i have seen some good prices for the Magellan Triton 500 GPS but don't know any thing about it, or should i just move up on my Garmin? Thanks ahead for all your input!
  7. I see so much good ideas. I too am a newbe, and me and my son are having a blast! I have a E Trex Venture and love it i use it with my car unit. i have to say for swag ideas kids are always good with that and we leave gold dallors. and small toy's, but i like to leave water tab's, and hand gel. wipes,ect. I have made up Micro pens and left them. in Micro's for outhers. I ALWAYS have new log's both kinds, you wont beleave how many time you will find wet ones. If you have a larg can (i.e. ammo can) don't leave arousal cans like bug spray.. they blow up under heat! happy hunting
  8. Possibly even some flakes. HA HA ,..sounds like CALI. ( FRUIT, FLAKES, & NUT'S
  9. hey psssssss. over here i have a secret littel site that has all the lingo thats used it has helped me out alot. * if you don't have it already *... lingo
  10. I'm 40 and she will kill me if i tell everyone she is 36...oooop's lol..and i have a 3 and 7yr. my 7yr now reads my GPS (venture HC ) when we go. o he is a cub scout and i'm a leader and the SCOUT MAG. this mounth highlighted GEO Scouting. talked all about bout Geo Caching. so you can imagin were this could go even more. Happy Caching.
  11. I have the same unit and i have to say the short time i have done it i never use the map... lol.. but i use the go too and i use the N. & W. i pin piont but like everyone ealse your not going to be right on top every time. but i have to say 90% of time i'm less then 3yards off. may it's been just luck. but pay around with it i like it. good first unit. and i do use my car GPS to get me in the aera of the Cache. i don't like my maping on my Venture HC.
  12. I have a TUNGSTEN E COLOR PDA 71 72 22 PILOT - LOADED on ebay with one day left. I pain $90 a few weeks ago. Make me an offer and I will cancel the auction. Thanks Do you still have it?
  13. Thanks somuch for youe help and i'll get a hand held, but it will prob. be a lower line unit. meaning under 200.00... i have seen one ( Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS ) it's 89.00 but what about the programes on it or if i can USB it to computers and download on it. THANKS for ALL you help.
  14. OK HELLLLLLP! now that i got this out of the way, I have a Magellen 4040 and us it for trips. ect.. but thats it. what i nned to know is if i go off read what do i do or is it i have to switch programes that take me there, or would it be easyer to just get a hand held for that part? if so what kind. This seems to be a lot of fun and my son (7yrs old) would luv to do it with me. I'm in TN. and a very small town and seen tons of stuff in my area. thanks ahead for the help.
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