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  1. Well, I set to, working down the list of DNFs from the report gleaned from my profile. There are about 250 on that list, but about 50 have been archived. This isn't so bad, I thought, as I clicked, clicked, clicked, adding remaining DNFs to a list. After about 50 I got bored. I cast about for a way to make the clicking process less time consuming, but nothing much worked so I went a different route. I opened the All Logs page from my profile and saved it to my computer. Then I uploaded it into a script I wrote in PHP that parses the HTML into something I can manipulate. From there, the script scanned by date, oldest first, picking out DNF logs unless they'd been archive) and dropping them if a subsequent Found log appeared. Finally, turn the list into a series of links I can display - a total of 24. It took me around an hour to knock up the script in PHP, which is probably longer than it would have taken me to do the job by hand, but was less tedious. It has the advantage that I can run this again at some time in the future to produce a new list. A good portion of the time spent on this was working out how to parse the HTML, which brings me to a supplementary question: Is there a way I can download this same information in some other format? CSV or JSON would do. If not, is there somewhere I can submit a feature request?
  2. Thanks for the input so far. I'd really hoped to find a solution that doesn't involve manually adding items to a list. I've no idea how big the list would be, and given that the information is available in the maps, it would be nice if I could get to it. My best idea so far is to download the HTML list from All Logs and parse the HTML somehow. If I do this, is there then any way to upload a list of caches into a list?
  3. I'm on a mission. I want to find all those caches I have previously logged a DNF for. For this I need a list of these caches. I can get a list of my DNF logs, but that includes caches where I have logged a find later. What I want is a list of my DNFs that I haven't subsequently found, so that I can concentrate on those. Pocket Queries don't seem to deliver, unless there's something I've overlooked. The maps show a blue un-smiley for these caches, so the information is somewhere. Is there a menu option I haven't found, or maybe a public API I can use? A simple download of the information I want in CSV format would be ideal. I'd settle for a download of all my logs in CSV or JSON (or XML if I must) that I can sort and filter. Thanks in advance for any help ? Note: I never got along with GSAK, and I don't want to start now.
  4. About this time last year Groundspeak offered renewals at half price for a while. My membership is due for renewal soon. Does anyone know if there's a similar promotion this year?
  5. I've had some time to investigate further. I don't have a problem on my desktop PC with Win10 and Firefox. The problem occurs on both my Android Tablet,(Android 7) and my Galaxy S5 phone, Android 6, and the problem has started occurring in the last week. Both are running Google Maps 9.70.1 You are correct that the Android devices load the Google Maps app rather than loading the Maps web page. As far as I know they've always done this, so something else has changed in the last week. The URLs appearing on the web site include the coordinates in the query string. For most cache listings they also include the cache GC code in parentheses. This seems to be where the trouble is. For caches with corrected coordinates the GC code and parentheses are omitted, and nether phone nor tablet has a problem loading the correct map. So, for a cache with no corrected coordinates I get a URL like this: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=S%2041%C2%B0%2012.250%20E%20174%C2%B0%2053.100%20%28GC7D6WV%29+ which decodes to https://www.google.com/maps?q=S+41°+12.250+E+174°+53.100+(GC7D6WV)+ But for a cache with corrected coordinates I get this: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=S%2041%C2%B0%2006.812%20E%20175%C2%B0%2005.555+ or https://www.google.com/maps?q=S+41°+06.812+E+175°+05.555+ It seems, then, that the web site is appending the GC code to the query string. This works for a desktop browser, (and perhaps for a browser based map on the tablet), but the Google Maps app now fails to parse the coordinates correctly. It seems that Google Maps was updated on 29th January, which would tally with the start of the problem. I don't know why the GC web site appends the GC code. It's not documented in this form as an option for Google Maps. It works but is ignored by the Maps web site, but the app is fussier. The solution is fairly obvious: don't append the GC code to the query string. How do I go about reporting this as a bug?
  6. This is a problem that occurs using the web site on my Android Tablet that occurs this week, and did not occur last week. I'd hoped for something more constructive than this.
  7. This is definitely a web site problem. It affects https://coord.info/GC7HP9W or https://coord.info/GC7HMGR, but not https://coord.info/GC7H9DH. Caches with corrected coordinates seem unaffected, other newer caches have the GC code appended, although that might be because the local browser cache has older copies of the pages it's using for caches I've looked at before. I can't see why the web site would give different links dependent on the browser or platform. It's late here. I'll investigate again tomorrow.
  8. Perhaps, perhaps not. This wasn't a problem a few days ago (don't know how many days, but within the last week). Maybe it's a glitch with a Maps update (9.70.1) which was released on 29th January.
  9. Suddenly today the link provided in each listing page to Google Maps seems not to work. The URL in the link is now of the form http://maps.google.com/maps?q=S 41° 04.336 E 175° 09.072 (GC7HP9W)+ which includes the cache GC code. Clicking these links causes Google Maps to fail with a 'No result...' message. Removing the parentheses, GC code and '+' seems to work: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=S 41° 04.336 E 175° 09.072 This is on an Android Tablet running Android 7. Clicking the link on this device opens the Google Maps app, rather than loading the Google Maps web page.
  10. GSAK imports data into an SQLite database. Once it's done that one can write queries in SQL to extract any data one wants, and execute them using any convenient SQLite client. I've done this already. My problem with GSAK was setting it up to request the right data from the API in the first place. I don't know whether the difficulties I encountered are down to limitations in the API, or limitations in the GSAK implementation. I already have a solution for one part of my project using PQs and PHP. Since GSAK now imposes a 2 minute nag delay on anything useful it's rendered itself unusable for this project, and since the project is only really of interest to me, it isn't worth paying the cost for a product I'd almost certainly never use again. I still haven't decided what to do with the results I have. They don't reflect well on certain individuals so I might just wrap it all up and forget about it.
  11. Thanks again Hans. The page I found through Google referenced section 6.1 but didn't seem to link to it. I can't find that page now. I didn't get on well with GSAK when I tried it so I went the PQ route and wrote a script to parse the GPX files. I guess I'll persevere with that.
  12. I'd like to run a few as hoc queries to gather some information about the state of the local cache population. I've tried doing this with pocket queries but the 1000 record limit and the small number of logs returned makes this difficult sometimes. I looked at the help centre for information on the API, but the entire section (Section 6.1) is missing. Where can I get some documentation on using the API, and any required access keys?
  13. Thanks for this. It seems there's a lot of detail I haven't yet encountered. Time for a new question...
  14. That's definitely the list, Hans, thanks again. But, I'm intrigued as to how you created it. The filter appears to be just "I haven't found", but there's some reference to a bookmark(?) in the URL. I have created a bookmark list with the DNFs I wanted and I can maintain that easily, but is there some way to do it automatically?
  15. Thanks for the lists, Hans. I've created a new list based on your second offering, but that includes all the caches where I've logged a DNF and subsequently found it. Is there any way to filter out those that I've found to leave just the unfound DNFs? It's probably quicker for me to manually remove the found ones than manually create an unfound list, but my feeling is that I've found about 2/3 of the DNFs on the list. I'm trying to get to a list of caches that I've been to but not found so that I can target them on future trips. Thanks again for your help
  16. The web site map now displays a blue icon on caches that I have logged a DNF on but not subsequently found. Is there any way to get this information in a PQ or a bookmark list? I realise that I can create a list and add caches to it, but that won't address all the DNFs already logged unless I do it manually.
  17. I finished a streak of 367 days back in February. I was aiming for a challenge cache requiring a find on every calendar date of the year. I found the last 30 days quite gruelling. Now I've done it I have no intention of putting myself under that sort of pressure for a hobby again. Current streak: 2 days. It might get to three...
  18. On the plus side, caches in this area get published promptly, with helpful comments and guidance where appropriate. On the minus side, NAs can go weeks or months before a response; there are at least a couple of caches within 10 miles that have been disabled by a reviewer with a deadline but remained some months later; nobody seems to be monitoring disabled caches (there are three I know of that have been disabled for over a year, and several more disabled for several months). One could argue on this last point that they could be dealt with with an NA, but see the first point.
  19. You can always open a new thread and quote this one. I'm reluctant to do so because it risks drawing unwarranted attention to reviewers who already have a somewhat thankless task.
  20. What irks me? COs that quit the game but leave their caches to fester... COs that ignore NM logs... COs that disable their caches and leave them unattended for months... Reviewers that don't attend promptly to NA logs Reviewers that disable abandoned caches but never return to archive them... Bad maintenance all round. I know that people quit the game, and that maintenance can be time consuming. I understand that COs and reviewers have lives outside caching. None of that alters the fact that abandoned and missing caches are a detriment to the game and they need to be dealt with. It can take months to get a bad cache removed here. It's depressing
  21. I'd hoped that the new message centre would fix my major gripe with it: on my phone it only works with WiFi. If I'm using mobile data (mostly 3G and 4G) the message centre frequently fails to load any messages at all. With the previous version I'd just get the whirligig of doom spinning forever. This new version either fails to load anything, or loads names but not messages. None of this is a problem if I'm connected to a WiFi spot. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1, Chrome 61.0.3163.98
  22. @Team Hugs and @Keystone - thanks for your insights . It seems from the TheCur8or's post it was just a cock-up. It happens! @TheCur8or - please see your messages.
  23. This new cache was published recently. The second log suggests that it's only about 100 metres from this cache, published by the same CO a few days earlier. A measurement on Google Earth gives a distance of about 114m between the two working from the posted coordinates, so this isn't just a matter of GPS errors. This led me to wondering: What flexibility do reviewers have when applying the proximity rules? What reasons might there be for agreeing this sort of proximity?
  24. Version 5.6.4 of the Android app landed on my phone in the last couple of days. There are no release notes for it yet. Is it just a bug fix release, or is there something more significant we should be looking for?
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