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  1. Its going to be a long cold winter for ya
  2. rjo

    Get Out And Vote

    Hey all! Remember that today is election day! So Get Out and Vote!!! no politics in this thread and I work for one of the parties and am keeping my mouth shut, so if I can... you can too
  3. I just did one... took about 24 hours.. thanks cache-tech
  4. rjo

    Fly The Flag

    Thank ya sir
  5. WOOHOOO I emailed IC about this like 3 years ago when GMRS was first starting to be used in the US and they had no clue what it was.... Nice to see
  6. Now that we talk about it... I might just contact them about it I have a cottage up there and snowmobile in HF from time to time
  7. I'm fairly new myself but the way I've done it is... 1) Go find spot 2) Place cache 3) Post 4) Get approved I've been approved within 20 mins.. it'd suck to have ot run straight back out
  8. rjo

    Fly The Flag

    Mind if I use yours halden? I'll throw it on my box It's a really sweet Avat
  9. I don't *think* so.... There is many in the nearby area. User "Shelly's Crew" has many great caches in the area (Richie's falls is currently gone so dont go there). Lots of great caching to do in Haliburton but im pretty sure none are in the HF property (if you find out of any I'd like to know )
  10. Just in my hand... although I really should change that I've broken far too many falls with my poor RINO
  11. Did one.. it was my first do not find.. SERVES ME RIGHT!
  12. Good job on getting this done guys
  13. I'd be more then happy to take some over - contact me at rjo@rynet.com, get in touch!
  14. Here here Great mods/approvers... Gotta love our team
  15. What all is involved... I'm willing to help out Baseball is my sport, the skydome my stadium and geocaching my hobby soooo Just let me know what needs to be done
  16. My wife caches with me now She hasn't reg'd a name yet, I imagine she will eventually
  17. How would I go about getting a wooden nickle for a custom sig item?
  18. rjo

    Oga White Paper

    I'm here to help the group and the hobby
  19. rjo

    Toronto Sportsmen Show

    There is three companies there that carry GPS and when I talked to them they were pretty knowledageable. Although today I dont know how you saw anything. That was the busiest Sportsmen Show day we've had in years (8 years to be exact). It was just insane, I just got home after a 14 hour day down there, it was not a fun day on the grounds (Like the traffic line ups? ) As for the show, yeah its more or less a hunting and fishing show with some extras thrown in.
  20. Thanks guys I picked up two ammo cans at the Sportsmen Show
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