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  1. Also I'm looking at streets and tips and I have a feeling that map is generated with pushpins.. I'm playing with it now.. hope to have a map to post in a bit
  2. Only Ontario here, but I'm going to Florida next month and I'm hoping to double my amount of cache finds while I am down there and maybe heading into Georgia or other surronding states for "states cached in" factor
  3. Pretty simple atm: RINO 120 Occasional Laptop Yaesu 2m Handheld Am. Radio GMRS Radios * how many people are on the trip (in most cases) Looking to get some more stuff mounted in my car
  4. Just starting to put together a cache that I'm going to put out in the spring. Waiting for the dadgum snow to go away
  5. Great chat tonight, been a long time since I've managed to make it to one
  6. Just the other day while looking for k i t a r o here in Toronto, Ontario I found several bags with books in it. Maybe a homeless persons stash? Anywho it was hidden up inside a tree. It was actually a very good cache hiding spot. The worst part is I never even found the actual cache
  7. Congrats Blue!!! Just hit 20, can't wait to hit the big mile stones myself!
  8. Ahhh I've been looking for that stats page (unrelated thread hijack ) Thanks Keith Another cool feature
  9. Reset mine from time to time. Mine currently says 999.2 miles
  10. rjo

    test my avator

    one last time for good measure
  11. r..o..f..l Glad to hear its still ok (*laughs some more*)
  12. rjo

    Forum Sig Question

    Thanks keystone
  13. rjo

    Forum Sig Question

    Quick question about forum sigs.... is the code for linking, etc HTML or BB code?
  14. I don't get to cache nearly as much as I'd like due to work, etc but whenever I do get time it makes for a really great day typically with my little sister who I don't get to spend nearly as much time as I'd like to with.
  15. I go in spurts... 6 months or so between finds sometimes.. I itch and I itch.. but life keeps me from doing as much as I'd like ><
  16. I want to have this feature's babies.. thanks much!
  17. rjo


    Are benchmarks loggable in Canada?
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