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  1. I nominate drossdross. the following log has been brought to my attention. Thanks IV. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...69-0c593ddfe6fb A true die hard cacher. Read the log and cast your vote..
  2. Forget my previous comments. I'll be emailing wxyz.com directly.
  3. The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. Thanks for the QUICK link fix and addition of my TB.
  4. The link isn't working! Wanted to see if my newest TB is there. Rats.
  5. If you are in NYC knock on the nearest station door, ask the same question you will get the best and most direct answer. If help is still needed I have a cousin stationed E-236. I'm onna job in CT and will help. Remember Brian Sweeney
  6. GPS Compass.* Water. First Aid kit. Whistle* Space blanket* Leatherman Tool* Small flashlite. Hankie. pencils. Buck Knife. Snake bite Kit. waterproof matches* DEET Ziplock Bags. Cell phone. CITO bags. Trading stuff! Sometimes a walking stick. Sometimes munchies. * indicates found along the way stuff. Changes in weather/terraine may ad to what I carry. If it's raining add an umbrella to protect the cache when open and appropriate rain gear. It's the little things that sometimes save the day. See todays log GCG0YR! I've only met one other cacher on the trail while more than 100 ft from a road "Z". His pack was twice the size mine was.[]
  7. GCGWDK Lady of the night can only be done by flashlight. There are others in this area. If I can find them I will post the info here.
  8. How about "I-95 Book On Tape Echange -- Southbound" in Florida, Waypoint GCH016. or "I-95 Book On Tape Echange -- Northbound" in Georgia, Waypoint GCH013. I visited the southbound exchange and enjoyed a book I've allways been curious about on the way home. I'll be visiting these caches every time I go south from now on. I found these by using the "view map" feature and following I-95. It may take some time to search all the way down. Hmmm.... Maybe next trip I'll pick some caches to break up the trip. Thanks for the idea.
  9. Perhaps a printed page explaining what we are about? The new counterfeit resistant $20's are already being passed. Any moron (no offense to anyone reading this, unless the shoe fits) with a computer and printer, can manufacture any kind of ID they want. Carry a valid I.D. Have some type of log or printout of what you are looking for. Have permission before, be open and honest, explain second, run like hell third. Look at this from a muggles point of view. I see someone strange, acting suspiciously. We are near a bridge, water supply, what are they doing? Post 9-11; people have a right to be nervous. Be open an honest and IMHO there should be no problems, unless you really shouldn’t be there. BTW. From now on I will carry my wallet with me instead of leaving it in the car. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Thought I was the only one. I was out for a cache Oct 31st and managed to get within 100 yards before my GPS would acquire a signal. Something like 20 minutes. I thought it was a Halloween thing. Thanks for letting me know I'm NOT nuts. Not totally anyway.
  11. I was originally more concerned with geo-pirates than anything else. I see that this is not an original idea. It is also seems to be a popular one. Still thinking. Barefoot
  12. I had an idea about a traveling Where's George travel cache. If you read thru the replies there are some about other travleing caches. http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6016058331&m=51260409 If the link above does not work look for my posting and follow the thread. Hope this helps
  13. What I am thinking about is a Where's George Micro cache that travels the country spreading the word about Where's George. A put one take one requirement. I just worry about the plunder thing. Any ideas!
  14. Ummm.. Not for nothing, but, unh, how do you hide a cache like that! I'm not a red head either, I'm a Blonde
  15. I am thinking of creating a travel bug that is a micro cache; of sorts. It will not be logged as a cache. Instead, it will follow all TB protocalls, have an internal log, and carry a specific type of travelers. Has anyone done this before? To soon old, to late smart. Barefoot
  16. In these 'Want it now,hate to wait, gimme, gimme, gimme' times we live, a mental re-adjustmet is required from time to time. Please, consider the past month just such a time for me. I am now spending almost as much time researching a cache on the net as looking for it in the field. Highway travel maps, topographical maps for bushwacking, and history of the area..... I think I am learning more this way. Thanks to everyone who considered my question worth the time it took to reply. Barefoot
  17. I like to vary my means of travel. Some are hike only. Some are paddle only. Some offer bike paths. Some offer a combination of two or all three. How about a way to quick sort a cache by access type? Just a thought, Barefoot
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