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  1. O.K. That's IT! Enough freaking snow allready! I'm changing back to my Summer avatar. Mebbe that will help.?
  2. There was the time I took a day trip to a cache 201 miles, 4 1/2 hrs each way, to drop off a TB. (GC59DD) I've also gone 377 miles, 8 1/2 hrs each way, to hit a bunch of caches in the Pittsburgh area. I'll be doing it again this spring. This time I'm GOING to find GCHA3Q.
  3. I've seen one in Florida that was a plastic decoy. Nothing similar to your idea, so far.
  4. I'm waiting for just the right conditions at Grey Stone, GCGTZG. Untill then, Early colors on 9/11/04 Late colors on 9/11/04
  5. LisaS and I did a micro cache that was not only frozen in place. It was frozen inside. After carefully chipping the container out of the ice, and melting the contents enough to remove them we were amazed. cache log around a plug of ice It looked to be some type of wallpaper, and was not only in great shape, but could be written on. GCJ73Q if you want to contact the owner for details on the paper.
  6. I'm in search of someone to complete the cache "Where's In A Name ?" GC3153. My username "Barefoot" converts to 23133668 The coords can be entered either as 23.133668 or 23 13.3668 My first choice is the intersection of S 23.133668, E 23.133668 or S 23 13.3668, E 23 13.3668. It looks to be in Botswana, North East of Kang. I have no idea what the area is like, or if it’s even possible to get there. If that cannot be done, then any where along either lat/long will work. TLCCSA Khutse Cache GCJRCT by tlc_4play at S 23° 33.417 E 024° 05.949 is the closest cache, 67 miles. All that’s required is to visit one of these locations, take a photo of your GPS displaying the coords, some photo’s of the surroundings, then forward the pictures to me. We can then both log the cache. Thanks for your assistance!
  7. Ad my order for two, er, make that four.. Thanks! edited for quantity.
  8. From NASCAR.COM the schedule for speedweek is: 02/12/05 Budweiser Shootout Daytona International Speedway 8PM 02/17/05 Gatorade Duel at Daytona Daytona International Speedway 1PM 02/20/05 Daytona 500 Daytona International Speedway 1PM Only 13 more days till racing starts up again!
  9. By any chance could you link for each driver to the TB pages from thier name from http://www.geocities.com/youropinion/geoca...CARrace2005.htm ? It would make it so much easier to check out the competition. Thanks! Team BareLi
  10. Chain thru the window? How about a chain around the bumper locked to the nearest phone pole. This is Swervin Irvin we're talkin' bout ya know!
  11. OK! BareLi Racing has formed a team. # 41 Casey Mears # 22 Ward Burton # 94 Bill Elliott TB tags are registered and cars will be in route to the starting line shortly. Thanks!
  12. Well Not really a vehicle stuck while cacheing. This Bronco's stuck! looks like a couple of J.D bottles helped get this one near Squealy's Little Bits @ Little Pond
  13. Cindy is on my watch list. I missed her by a few hours once. I like umc's other TB, Tommy (The Tire) Tommy . This could be the start of something BIG!
  14. Hey! the Entry form lists the entry fee for two cars and three cars as the same! Is $10 for three bugs correct? Such a deal!
  15. In rule #7. .................. and every bug must have something to do with the driver. (You can't make a bright orange T and say it's Tony... you have to use his car, a trading card, something off his racecar, etc) Is a laminated picture of the driver or his car O.K.?
  16. If you get up towards CT, Lady of the Night by RJFerret GCGWDK was fun. If you contact him he can probably put you on to some more great night caches. Kinda a specialty of his.
  17. There is a great series of caches near Homosassa FL that require boat access. GCG8MG - Banana Wind GCG8MH - One Particular Harbour GCG8MJ - Kick It In Second Wind GCG8MN - Incommunicado GCG8MQ - Growing Older But Not Up Of those only Banana Wind was permanantly lost to the storms. Only Kick It In Second Wind was unaffected.
  18. Anyone besides myself notice who is starting almost 50% of the threads here lately?
  19. I haven't had the opportunity to kick Mopar lately. What are your plans on Saturday? Please keep an eye on Mopar and GeoHo. They've been known to miss a turn and walk past the trail to the cache.
  20. Every chance I get I tell the cachers I'm with about the Hudson Highlands Jaunt and all the excellent trails Jonboy showed me that day. The joy he took leading Batonka, KBer, and I to those last three caches can't be put into words. Seems I now measure my favorites accordingly. Congrats!!!
  21. Try this one...http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=30938&st=200&hl=dating+service Barefoot
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