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  1. It's amazin how even the shortest of meetings can effect you. We sat and enjoyed a quiet moment on the trail. [i'm seated to the left.] (Thanks for the photo JMBella). Skully & Mulder et al. supprised me by placing my Travel Bug I had released in Florida some months before, into a cache, right in front of me. It was amazing how much that mattered to me. It still does. LisaS and I went caching in N.J. yesterday. I prayed for Helmut and his family at every stop. My condolences to his family and friends.
  2. Team Bare-Li racing approves of your picking up the ball. No matter what, we will keep our bugs moving till they reach all the goal caches or go missing. Thanks!
  3. You get FTF on a 10 Locks a Locking. The 12 Days of Cachemason a day like today.
  4. Great article! I've made two caching trips to The Burg myself. Could a third be in the works?
  5. As part of my Great Annual North to South/South to North Bug Migration I will be more than happy to make a resonable detour to help a fellow competitor along. So far it looks like there are only two racers within reach. Two others may be reachable if time premits. I'm running I-95 from CT to North Florida 11/16-17. Return trip planned for 11/26-27. I'll be looking for those I can help. Boogity, boogity, boogity!
  6. Way cool. Nice meeting everyone. Thanks Danny!
  7. LisaS and I have been looking forward to a night of guided night caching in Central Park. We're in for Oct 2nd Thanks!
  8. So far We've only been watchng our team cars. Our bad! Team BareLi will be more attentive from now on. Any racers that get their cars into New England please let us know. We're allways looking for a reason to take a road trip. Both the NH and NY tracks are day trips for us. Long day trips mind you, but thats the fun part. Go Mark Martin!
  9. read with Outrageous French accent (Monty Python) You see. I allready got one! Honda PC 800's rock!
  10. I didn't solve the last of Rupert's secret stashes, and I probably won't solve this one either. That's not gonna stop me from spending a few hours when I should be sleeping trying to figgure it out. Almost as much fun watching the forum posts.
  11. I go away for a weeks vacation and find Ward sooo very close to Bristol. Just a chip shot away. My money is on the next move being out of state. Casey made it to Cali but my team member couldn't find the cache in the dark! Yes I know it's out of order, but what the heck. He's there. Oh, on the way home Sunday we were behind a Team Roush Racing pickup truck for the better part of an hour. Now,... Were and when will Bill show next?
  12. My avatar is a Photo of a rock arrangement LisaS and I spotted along the trail while hiking in Acadia National park. The coordinates are for it's location. It's just seemed right to put it over there <---------------------------------------< I put the coordinates there so I'd remember where it was for this years visit.
  13. Any chance the other Claifornia cache has been decided upon? Mebbe I can direct Casey there for a few laps. Thanks!
  14. The results from Woodstock are trickling in. Casey Meares has made a run for the West Coast and has made a few warm up laps at Sears Point Raceway and moved on.
  15. Bump. I'm still looking for help. Any takers? Thanks!
  16. THANKS! I just received 4 beautiful geocoins in the mail today. There is a free site that you may be able to use to log the travels of almost anything. http://www.travelertags.com/ . I have seen geocoins that are tracked there. Just a thought. THANKS!
  17. Whooo Hooo! Ward caught the draft and is rubbing fenders with the lead pack!
  18. As last second joiner of the Hudson Highlands Jaunt last yeat I'm following this tread to see where it leads. If I'm not committed to something else(like work), whatever Y'all decide I'm there! Thanks!
  19. Let me know if the exchange rates affect my order. I'm more than willing to make an adjustment for world currency up's and downs. Thanks!
  20. My check for 4 coins is on it's way! Thanks
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