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  1. I am loading by a pocket querry loading the gpx file in the garmin gpx file. The gps are holding the field notes but when we go to field notes on Geocaching.com upload field notes for our units we sellect browse find the garmin file select field notes then upload and the screen blinks and record of our notes are found. Found everything the same as we did before. GCWB0V,2010-07-04T02:17Z,Found it,""
  2. When I still used my etrex for caching.....i downloaded cachemagnet and it will load all of the logs and hints and waypoints of each cache into your ipod.....just the cheap old version of the ipod. So I always had the info at my fingertips and my etrex worked well for finding the caches. I now have an Oregon400T which holds the logs and hints and stuff. But it is not wireless and you cannot retrieve info from the field...although you can share wirelessly among other Oregon or Colorado GPSr in the field. Have fun! And keep Caching!
  3. But we All know "Geocachers do it in the woods!" I find it great fun to be rewarded for my finds!
  4. And I have sinned as well...ahhhhh -figured the posted sign was leaning a little to the left, and the path was a little to the right....so convinced my pure mind that it was okay. -once had my friend sign my name on the log while I watched him climb and posthole in three feet of snow up a mountain for about 300 feet. -signed a log with a stick but feel that most of my sins have been forgiven since once I logged that I found a cache. And thought I really had, but turns out the cache was an ammo can and the log I signed was inside a thermos bottle very near GZ. So I deleted my found status and am on a mission to climb 3000+ feet again to the summit of that mountain to sign the real log.
  5. When you are in GSAK, do you see all the logs and hints etc..? How are you getting the data to your GPSr? Are you using the "Export - GPX/LOC" or the "GPS - Send Waypoint"? Both methods have dialogs that you need to configure correctly. If you are doing "Export - GPS/LOC" make sure click in the "GPX file" radio button at the top (not the "LOC file" radio button). If you are doing "GPS - Send Waypoints" make sure you click the "Waypoint Type - Geocache" radio button middle right side (not the "Waypoint Type - Waypoint" radio button). I will try this. Thanks.
  6. I have a Oregon 400T because I like having the logs and hints all at hand. When I use GSAK, I only get the waypoints to export. Is there a way to have the logs and hints to export also?
  7. well besides all the geostripes from branches and rocks...while trying for an easy, early cache while everyone was still asleep back in our motel room, I was visciously attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets. Once finally in the truck, I noticed that they had followed me. Got stung by 15 or more of the nasty things. and was in total fear for my life cuz I used to be allergic to them and was hospitalized for them. but guess not allergic anymore cuz got off with alot of pain and a bunch of swollen bumps all over, but no breathing problems. think i will stick to caching in Alaska where I just have to worry about the bears and moose!
  8. Okay the scariest moment for me was actually when trying to place our own cache. My geobuddy and I had found the biggest, gnarliest tree in our neck of the woods, Alaska to plant a cache. We dinked around this tree for aprox. 30 minutes or so trying to find the perfect hiding spot. Then of course we had to establish our waypoints...so maybe 45 minutes. Well...as my ADD was starting to kick in, I looked up the tree where we were planting our cache...and someone was looking back at me. He was BIG, and BLACK and FURRY. It was a big black bear. Course I then had to inform my geobuddy of our situation, and try not to freak out. We made it out in one piece. whew!
  9. ok so my technology skills are lacking here. i can only get one cache at a time to load. when i try to load the next one onto my ipod it deletes the last one. i can get multiple ones to load but then there is only waypoints, without the description and logs (which is what i really want). hope it is just user error and somebody can set me straight cuz this would be awesome if i could get it to work.
  10. My geocaching buddy and I are married, just not to each other. The spouses are turning green and insisting that we have a problem with this game. We constantly invite them to come along, but they always have an excuse for not going. So now we are grounded and restricted from the fun that we love. Any support groups out there? LOL
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