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  1. I was thinking like useing a counterweight or something.
  2. So you are the kidcacher that can't spell then!
  3. I live in auckland if you want you can email me through my profile with more info and I would be happy to help
  4. I agree with mrpeabody, thats a great idea
  5. On the cache have a geocache number e.g. 163784 and then online when you go to log the cache you just type in that number. But without the number you can still look at it and stuff. And then that would stop people claiming that they have found it but have not. What do you think?
  6. I think that the Groundspeak shop should make smaller travel bugs for micro caches because it is hard to fit a normal travel bug in a film container. What do you think?
  7. Garmin have already solved that problem so you do not need to hotglue gun any thing.
  8. I use a Garmin geko 201 if you need any help/advice just email though my profile
  9. Nz mapped is by far the best i have used them all and nzmapped it tha bomb
  10. I want to place a Geocache in the mangroves put I dont know how. I need ideas like what kind of container how to attach it that sort of thing.
  11. Well I carry on most trips: 1.Small First Aid kit 2.Notepad 3.Sharpie marker 4.Ball Point Pen 5.AA maglight 6.AAA maglight 7.3-d Maglight 8.Binoculars 9.Matches 10.Nalgene water bottle 11.Cache items 12.Bags for CITO 13.Carribeaners (3x) 14.Rain coat 15.Locking blade knife 16.Backpack 17.Compass 18.Garmin Geko 201 GPSr 19.Beltclip for GPSr 20.Cell Phone 21.Extra AAA batteries (6x) 22.PDA Palm 23.CB radios x2 24.VHF radios x2 25.Am/fm Radio 26.Camera 27. Snacks 28.Cache notes 29.Neck lanyard for GPSr 30.Headlamp 31.CamelBak 32.Pencil 33.Keys 34.Wallet 35.Emergency equipment 36.Maps 37.Leatherman 38.Ziploc bags x 10 39.Hiking Poles X 2 40.Insect Repellent 45.Geocoins 50.Travel bugs 51.String 52.Climbing rope 53.Climbing harness 54.Umbrella 55.Sandals 56.Boots 57.Tent 58. Sleeping Bag 59.Sleeping bag liner 60. Clothes x 3 61.Machete 62.Big red chewing gum 63.Sunscreen 64.Pedometer 65.Small tripod 66.Gloves That was for summer trips Winter+ 67.Iceaxe 68.Icehammmer 69.Skis/Snowboard 70.Poles for skis 71.Extra clothing Other 72. Chainsaw 73. Shotgun 74. Flamethrower 75. Grenades 76. Sniper rifle 77. Pepper spray 78. Nuclear warheads x20 79. Ballistic missile x20 For long trips add 20+ items
  12. Arc stands for Auckland Regional Council
  13. Do you ask doc/arc if you can place a geocache or just go ahead and place the geocache?
  14. You can go to garmin/megellan website and dowload a manual if you don't have one
  15. Thanks for the backgrounds they are really cool!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Does anyone have photos of that great cache\cache hunt?
  17. Does anyone have any ideas on what to put in a micro cache that is small light and under about $10?
  18. Does anyone have a great place for a micro cache in the auckland area?
  19. Hate it when your geko gets turned on in your pack and then eats through your battery only to find when you get to the cache you have no battery power? Well now lastest model gekos they have a small ring that goes half way around the outside its about half a mm high and it really works (I have had a Geko 201 before) and the button is a tiny bit smaller!!!! It Seems to solve the problem very well!
  20. Has anynoe else with a geko 201 found this too......................... When the gps is off if you hold In the on button and the enter button at the same time it goes into this funny mode which has: Bravo ver 8 Software 2.00 2:53:51am Temp 24 c Bat 2.64v Ext Freg 16367675 Etc............... And I was wondering if it was just my gps or if its everones and what the heck it is?
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