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  1. I live in the middle of the Irish sea. Isle of Man and I have quite a few little Solar Panels and Items that run on Solar and they work quite well here despite the rain, the clouds. They work on Sunlight not heat so on a sunny day in winter, it may be cold but you do get power. I have two Solar powered Torches (charge up in day use at night) Two wind up Radios , one of which has a solar panel which charges the internal battery (this one is also short wave so used worldwide). I have a very small 6 inches by 8 inches solar panel which can charge up 2 AA batteries and it will also run a radio. I have a compact solar Panel which is only 12 inches by 12 inches which charges up my phone, Laptop, small batteries, small 12 volt battery pack, it also can run a portable ice box cooler, and anything else that runs under 12 volt. Expensive? No. The last mentioned only cost £30 UK sterling. For those cyclists out there a web site in UK now has a Cycle dynamo on offer that recharges your mobile phone as you cycle, ideal for the Round the world enthusiasts. Solar eqiupment is cheap, very useful, enviromently friendly but bear in mind to get your recharable batteries solar charged for the days the sun does not shine.

  2. Thanks. Apart from Megellan Handheld, no PDA. I travel alone most of the time so TomTom should help me navigate in the car so that I do not have to write out pages of instructions and read them whilst driving. The old thread has been a great help. TomTom/Pda bundles are available so will proabably go for that.

    Thanks to all for advice.

  3. I am very happy with my handheld GPS for finding caches once I have parked up. Has anyone experience of using TomTom Navigator with PDA in the car on the road? I was also thinking of loading MMap relevent area into the PDA as well. Before I spend my hard earned cash, would this setup be worth it?


  4. Liz,

    Will try to do this for him but I have 4 wheels so will have to find a willing Motorbiker. I could take him on my two wheels but if you think I am going to pedal a lap of the TT course...................

    Hope someone coming over for the TT will take him out.

  5. Thank you. This one is now on the Isle of Man, Twixt two Towers. No doubt hoping to be taken to see the TT races in May/June. I will take a note of which one this is and leave it in the cache for the next finder, could be Seasider if he takes up the Challenge (see another thread). If he lingers too long though I shall collect him, take him to the TT and then ask him where he wants to go next and see if I can fulfill his request.

    Thanks Liz

  6. A cacher has placed a caching Coddy Doggy in one of my caches. Curiosity got the better of me so I had a look. It is one of a series. Where did they start, etc? It appears not to be a travel bug so can we trace them? I am presuming they get moved on from cache to cache.


  7. I have been on holiday the last 3 weeks and placed a couple of TB's that I could not log into the cache till I arrived home. I left a message in the log book. Better thought would be to attach a message to the bug itself to say when it would be logged into the cache. I have now logged the TB's into the caches, they had already been taken pre-logging and I have emailed the retriever to say I have now logged them and please could they log them out. I am hoping this will work. In the future I will not move a TB unless I can get to a PC that day, it's far too complicated the way I have done it!

  8. Thanks Happy Humphrey for supporting the Seasider Challange. I have a friend coming over in May to have a go at Man Hunt. I have only done part of it so far. Get the new one out please and add to the fun. I am in UK at the moment dragging the Grandkids along on geocache hunts. We did the Stamford Taurus the other day, an excellant day out with a history learning curve included.

    Good luck Seasider, will await your success.

  9. I thought my travel bug Rumpy was lost but it turned up in the last cachers kitchen behind an appliance, put on top of it no doubt for safekeeping! So if you lose a travel Bug you have picked up check it's not lost, behind the fridge, washer, down the back of the couch, behind the clock, under the seat in the car, in the kids Toy Box etc. Has anyone ever lost a bug then found it at home in a strange place?

  10. Thanks for replying Seasider. I just thought that when you've done all the caches in UK you could come over and log ours. Some of the views from the caches are superb. At a guess I reckon that it may be a possibilty on a Motorbike in a day, here's hoping someone might try it TT week. The 16 parter I have been doing very slowly on available days off. Only got to Part 5 so far. I can assure anyone that you do need to visit the places to get the next co-ords, despite having a fair knowledge of the island's heritage. A great way to get to know the places here. I'm over to UK next week for a few days so looking foward to caching out and about.

  11. On the Isle of Man, 35 miles long by 13 miles wide we now have 16 traditional caches, 1 Virtual cache and 1 x 16 part (Man Hunt) cache. Fly over or come by Ferry in the morning, whizz around, do all caches and back to UK in the evening. I live on the island but have wondered if all caches could be done in a day. Good challenge for Seasider but he could be beaten! Any one for the dare?

  12. Why do you want to delete images? If they are pictures you have taken and uploaded then that's OK but if uploaded by other cachers with their log, unless they are spoilers or not nice why delete? Cachers often go to great lengths to get a good picture and I certainly find them interesting on my cache pages. I would be very offended if someone deleted my pictures unless I was asked first by email, it's only polite.

  13. I haven't done that many caches but so far whilst searching I have pretended to be studying fungi on trees, looking for a good place to take a photo and have put GPS to ear to pretend I am on the phone.

    I think if I was caught with a lunch box cache I would quickly put the lid on and pretend to be munching away on my lunch but what excuse could you use if it was an ammo box?!!!

  14. I do not see anything wrong in finding a MacD toy. I am happy to swop them for my usual items I put in. As being of the more elderly age I collect the MacD's I find for the grandchildren. As I am not in the habit of buying fast food these MacD's are a bonus. Also they are fast becoming collectors items and some rare toys can command a reasonable price in the collectors market. You never know, that MacD toy in a cache may be worth a fortune!

  15. I have two caches which going as the crow flies appear to be close. Unless you have a boat or are very strong swimmer you need to do 4 miles walking/cycling/driving to get too both. They are on opposite sides of a bay. I can easily see how caches may appear to be close, as an example you could have two caches on the opposite sides of a river with a 20 mile walk to the nearest bridge! Now that would be fustrating!

  16. Thanks for all your support. Have not logged the Isle of Man caches although I have been to them. Went with Nibbo (friend from Hampshire) so gave him the credit for finding them.

    Not quite so sunny today. Pouring with rain. Been Watching a Rugby match (Not on TV) with South Barrule as the view in the Background. My team won.

    Happy geocaching

  17. I agree so much with Dan. It's only a hunt for a Lunch Box.

    All these adverse commemts remind me of a Club I used to belong to that ran extremly well by just the members. Some bright spark decided we should form a Committee. Duly formed it killed the Club. Nobody argued before the Committee took over. Any dissention was settled amiacably over a pint at the pub!

  18. Dear NattyBooshka,

    I understand your commemts and thanks for wishing us Manxies luck. I hope to be geocaching at Xmas in the UK, Hampshire!!!

    Look out for my Lucky Black Manx Cat Brooches I will be using as swops.

    Yes, one catch is located by mistake as Ireland. Not my mistake but at least you realised it should be the IOM.

    We are a small Island. A Crown Colony, Not part of the UK or classed as Great Britian. We are geographically part of the British Isles. Not even a full member state of the EU.Our own Parlimant, low taxes and the most beautiful countryside.

    Why not come over to find our geocaches? Ferry cost is only £200, Airfare roughly the same.

    I have had a short spell of living in Hampshire, now oh so glad to be back on the Isle of Man.

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