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  1. I didn't open the battery compartment at the time that it dunked. I let it sit in the sun for 15 minutes until it had dried off and everything was good. No sign of water in the battery compartment at that time. I was pretty impressed.
  2. Well, I've had my 650 for two weeks and have been putting it through it's paces. So far it has proved to be a learning experience, after having used an etrex,Dakota,and Oregon. I don't know if anyone has tested the "Water Proof" feature of their new Montana, but I thought some might find it reassuring to know that I have tested it and found it to be VERY effective!! I dropped it out of my canoe this week while shooting some rapids. I wasn't able to get stopped and back to the spot where I lost it for about 15 minutes. The river was very clear and I was able to find the GPS sitting in about two feet of water on top of some rocks. When I fished it out it was still working fine, and had even taken a picture of the sky above the water when it landed.
  3. We were searching for a "canoe access only" cache on the Indian River near Warsaw Ontario. The cache required you to land the canoe at the only flat spot at the base of a steep limestone bluff and scale the wall to the cache. As we were only about 5 feet from shore and gliding in for landing, a porcupine scooted out from under a small rock overhang directly in our path. Instead of running, he ducked right back under the rock where we came to rest! He must have thought we couldn't see him. The smart thing to do would have been to leave, but we had paddled way to far to let this cache go. My daughter and I very slowly climbed out of the canoe and ever so quietly climbed over his hiding spot. We were excited but my wife was down right terrified. She sat in the canoe with white knuckles holding on to her paddle, ready to swing if it moved. When we got to the top of the cliff she let out a scream from below; the porcupine had come out of hiding and was now moving our way. We took the long way around to get back
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