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  1. My Garmin 62s shuts off when I scroll from right to left and go to "Compass". I am curious if this is a known problem that an update will fix. Email me
  2. I think I understand what you mean and it would be an improvement over re-doing the whole process for each file. Maybe some day I will learn to script. Thanks.
  3. Your script information is sliding right by my brain. For example if I wanted to batch 2 waypoints I enter "mile 10.kml,gravel pit.kml Is this even close?
  4. I have downloaded GPS Babel made a successful file conversion of kml to gpx and I was also able to then import the gpx file into my TOPO! maps program. Success at last! It looks like I can only convert one file at a time. Is this true or is there a way to batch convert?
  5. Thank all of you for your help and being so kind to answer this basic question that you have likely answered many times. Normally I would spend more time searching the data but the weather is getting better and I need to get a jump on doing some Elk scouting. It seems like most people want to convert from their gps to Google Earth which made me think you couldn't go the other way without complications. I like to locate a good looking area on Google Earth first and then move it to the gps. I will download the Babel software you recommended and save a chunk of money and not have to manually load coordinates any more. Thanks, Jay
  6. My objective is to convert ( Google Earth - My Places) kml files to gpx files so they will work in Nat Geo TOPO states software. I have tried ExpertGps and it works but it is expensive. Is there a free or less expensive software that will do this? Thanks, Jay
  7. Can anyone recommend a good forum that discusses importing klm or gpx waypoints with Nat Geo TOPO! map software?
  8. I am trying to import google earth files into my Nat Geo TOPO! maps. I can convert them to gpx files but am unable to move the gpx files into TOPO! Is there some software available to do this?
  9. Does this apply to all other gps units or just the Garmin 60 series?
  10. I'm talking about transferring waypoints "from" the 60csx to a computer.
  11. Hello - I have a Garmin 60csx and it will only transfer all of the waypoints at a time versus selected ones. It's a pain to have to download all and then delete all the ones you have already downloaded at a prior time. Is there a GPS that will selectively transfer individual waypoints to a computer? If not then what is the easiest way to do this without all of the deleting? Thanks
  12. - I am trying to transfer Google earth (kml) placemarks to my National Geo topo maps (tpo). Is there software that will make this entire conversion or will I have to go kml to gpx to tpo ? Thanks
  13. I have owned both and the difference is like having a tractor with manual shift or one with the hydramatic transmission. Many times the ones without EC will read complety off unless you walk away for about 50ft or more and then walk back where you just came from. They go completely goofy when you get around 30 or 40 ft from the coordinates of the cache. The gps with EC is way better for close in work, work in the trees, being able to stand in one spot and have the compass/bearing be accurate. My wife has one without the EC and she gets frustrated when I can move right in on the cache coordinates and she has to fool around by walking back and forth trying to get a decent reading that she can trust. When I had her gps the trick that I used was to pay close attention when I was within 60ft of the cache and and then just stay on that course for about 20ft and start searching.. The little Geco 300 was my 1st gps with EC and it was very noticeable change. I would recommend saving the money and getting one with the EC.
  14. The latest 60csx software version is 3.3. I don't know if this will help your specific problem but it may be worth a try. Best of Luck - Topotracker
  15. No - I am only trying to dwnld 19 waypoints. I was told that I could do this with the Nat Geo States TOPO software. It's strange that when I connect GPS to PC the indication comes up that says the connection is good. I just can't download anything from the GPS to the PC.
  16. I re-downloaded the Garmin Trip & Waypoint manager cd and tried downloading again. No luck. Is there something unique required for the 60csx to work with the National Geographic software?
  17. Thanks, I will give your suggestion a try. Since I had already loaded Garmin software for a prior gps I assumed it would work. However during the recent process I believe the xp drivers were loaded over the garmin.
  18. I have a new Garmin 60csx and the latest National Geographic States TOPO software. I can get a verified USB connection when connected to my lap top but it will not download the Waypoints from the GPS to the lap top. In fact it locks up when I try and I have to do a hard reset to clear it. Also when I open a map that I have saved it only opens up the standard states map that comes up with start-up. Also my background color on lthe GS map has defaulted to black. Sorry to load you up with so many problems and will appreciate any help you can give up.
  19. Heck with the original problem, the pig dialogue is much more fun! Thanks for the inputs. Actually I may just try staying logged on as a couple of foks have suggested unless this creates some kind of log time issue with geocaching.com headquarters. OAO
  20. My appologies regarding the accidental Avatar duplication. I will retire him back to his pen.
  21. Even though I check the box to remember my name when I log on to the main geocaching .com web page I still have to re enter it each time I log on. I have set my pc to accept cookies and lowered my security rating in an effor to remedy this but nothing I change seems to work. I have windows xp. This feature used to work when I first logged onto the website several months ago. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  22. Each time I use Easy GPS to download waypoints it leaves the serial port locked up as though it is connected to some other device. I then have to "Restart" my PC to clear the lines so I can download again. I have experimented with the turn on and off sequence of Easy GPS and my gpsr but can't seem to find a sequence that makes a difference. I've tried changing the baud rate of the port I'm using to 4800 but nothing I do will change it from 9600. Is there a simpler way of clearing the serial lines than restarting the PC? Or do I need to do something different to solve the problem? Thanks
  23. I have been using a Garmin Geko 301 for about 6 months now and find it to be very handy. The controls are simple, it is quick and easy to add or modify coordinates, it has the electronic compass which I will never again be without, it has WAS and it is truly shirt pocket small. The window is small but very crisp. I don't care for the coin opening battery compartment however and even complained to Garmin about it wearing out and becoming difficult to open. They just blew me off and said that nobody else had complained about it. So I would recommend it as long as you aren't going to put it to heavy use and have to change batteries a lot. Topotracker
  24. In reading through the postings that talk about pocket pc's and palmtops for geocaching I am still not clear as to what they do and don't provide in the way of benefits. It's evident that the storage capability would be beneficial but do they store & display all of the same data, format and street map info that the geocaching waypoint page provides? Why are so many varieties of software used to manipulate the data? Do you need one type of software for working with the data and one for working with the street map info? What benefits do the custom formats provide? How effective is the small screen size for reading info on a waypoint page and details on a street map? Maybe a better overall question is what are the primary benefits that justify the use of a palmtop or pocket pc for geocaching? Thanks, Jay
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