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  1. Moin, ich halte das für ein legitimes Vorgehen. Anders verfahre ich auch nicht, wenn die Person im Logbuch nicht steht. Sowas kommt hier mittlerweile gehäuft vor. Es gibt auch Found-Logs bei Kletterbäumen, in denen klar und deutlich steht, das diese nicht an der Dose waren.
  2. Now i deactivate tampermonkey and grasemonkey and now everything works fine...
  3. Hello, since two days there are no logs from Geocahers on an listning page. I had to click on "view" logbook" to read some of them. Also it is not possible to change the coordinates. If i click on it, i get to the Search page. On my MobilePhone (Samsung X Cover 4, Firefox Browser) it is working but not on the Laptop (Windows 7, Firefox 71). I deleted the Cookies and accepted the new cookie Setup, closed all Tabs. This works for the phone, but not the laptop. Thanks Kai
  4. So, i choose the Gas Works Park https://coord.info/GC741V6
  5. Thank you Crouchcrew, for your answer. This looks good. I contemplate also with the Magnolia Bluff or the Warren g. Magnussen Park / Sand Point
  6. Hey, i plan to visit Seattle in May and i want to make a small Event (11.05.17 at approx. 5pm). I was searching for some locations ant thougth the Kerry-Viewpoint would be a good idea. But i think, ther will be a lot of people there. Is it a good or a bad Idea? When it is bad, can you give me some suggestions? Thank you from germany Kai
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