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    Now i gotta get that picture out of my mind.
  2. You forgot one :: piles of sticks. You see, there are other terrorists besides the usual main cells. They aren't called 'Splinter Groups' for nothin'!! ~* You forgot the most dangerous place of all: Your own bathroom!
  3. Hobby says it all. No hobby is FREE. Hobby? This is how i make a living. You know good used ammo cans sell for $4-$5 each! Resale on McToys isn't too good tho. GPSr, PC, Internet, Bandaids, Gas...all deductable. Got a good used bridge for sale too.
  4. BTDT. But i'm much better now. They make drugs for that, but don't take too many or you will start to post like Vinny. BTW withdrawal from SSRI drugs sucks. Big time. If anyone out there is having problems with depression,or knows someone who is, get help. Depression is a serious medical problem!
  5. Even if the current owner has the location of all the stages and the final she didn't create the cache and may not know how to solve the puzzle. She knows where it is but not how to find it.
  6. Seems to me if you have to leave a coin (foreign or not) in a cache as an ALR that would be a commercial cache, you have to pay to log. Commercial Caches Commercial caches will not be published on geocaching.com without prior approval from Groundspeak. A commercial cache is a geocache listing or geocache which is perceived by Groundspeak, Groundspeak's employees, or the Volunteer Geocache Reviewers as having been submitted to geocaching.com with the principal or substantial intent of soliciting customers or generating commercial gain. The geocache is presumed to be commercial if the finder is required to go inside a business, interact with employees, and/or purchase a product or service, or if the cache listing has overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion.
  7. Hey Vinnie, how about a cache in a cemetery with an ALR only dead people can sign the log? Nah nevermind, i think that would be a virtual.
  8. In this area (near the OP) we have two cachers with over 900 hides between them. I have not looked at all their caches but one seems to have about 75% micros and the other has 2 small and 2 or 3 unknown in the first 10 pages, the rest all micros. I don't care what size the container is, a cache is a cache and a lame cache is a lame cache.
  9. People still submit virtuals even though the ban has been written into the guidelines for nearly 3 years (November 2005). How would adding more guidelines get people to read and follow them? How can the majority of cachers who follow the guidelines do so if you don't tell us what they are?
  10. First cache March 8 2008. 100th cache April 20 2008. I have slowed down a little since then, but i have plenty of caches in this area. I think there are over 750 in a 40 mile radius. The Quad Cities has over 500. So many hides, so little time.
  11. Try this one. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b6-13865d8530a5
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