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  1. Hi guys


    I'm going camping in Padstow at the end of the month and will be Caching everyday and don't want to get home after and spend ages uploading and editing my field notes.

    So I'm looking for the cheepest way of being able to do it at the end of everyday. My camp site has wireless but I don't have a laptop.


    I was wondering if anyone knew if this:




    Would allow me to attach my Garmin Etex 10 and upload my field notes to the website.



    The specs list wireless capability (WLAN ) and two USB ports which I assume the etrex 10 uses to connect to computers. The only potential issue I can envisage is driver issues with the android OS. Hope fully someone who has experience of android can answer that issue.

  2. Two Way Radios; a handy geocaching tool available in Lidl from Monday 25th Feb at only £19.99.


    I paid nearly £50 for my Motorolas which are dead handy whenever I go caching with a chum who has to drop me off somewhere where there's no safe and legal parking - and I've heard of them being good if you have dogs, and one of your party has to stay behind with them if GZ ends up being somewhere with cows, etc.


    Can't personally say if these are especially good quality, but they are keenly priced and may only be available for a few days. Just a thought.


    Note to moderators: Haven't spotted anything in the FAQs about links to products being prohibited (except if that person has a specific agenda). If this post contravenes anything, though, I can edit overt references to the shop concerned if necessary! I have no personal connection with Lidl or its subsidiaries ;) nor do I have any particular agenda to make people shop there!

    I would guess the only real difference would be the transmission distance of the lidl units. Probably wont be quite as good as the motoralas but unless you're going to the countryside and going to be a few kilometres apart it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Pmr radios are great for when you are at your out of town retail centres as well.

  3. I did the hard work so you don't have to ;-)


    Appreciate the postive comments.


    Yes, I agree with John, a clear option would be fab, just can't find a way to do it :-(


    Thanks, rutson.

    Just tried importing my finds from gsak to mm. no probs at all. interesting icons as well.

    Thanks again :)

  4. As far as i understand, (maybe completely wrong but sure someone will correc me), gpx files can contain a lo more information. I think Easygps sends information to your gps as a loc file which contains less information so if you go down the gpx into easygps into gpsr there may be less information. Personally i would recommend using GSAK instead of easygps. Takes a bit more learnig but worth it.

  5. I have a Garmin Venture HC and data cable. When i send a cache to my gpsr i also copy and paste the GC number, title, clue and any other information i think is relevant into a word processor (i have Word, Wordpad, notepad and openoffice writer). I have a 10 cache hike planned for Saturday and all 10 caches info is on 1 and a bit sides of A4. Just need to turn the sheet over when printing.

    And as for usb cables, try Amazon. The usb drivers are easy to find and download online. Garmin Usb driver download

  6. Thanks for the help folks, being new to the game i'd rather do things right if i can rather than muck things up for everyone else. Some interesting ideas for ink replacement though, the only prob with using blood is it could be used for DNA profiling if you end up being a suspected terrorist wandering around picking up hidden messages! :blink:

  7. I live in Middlesbrough which used to be part of the county of cleveland. This county has now been disolved and there are now four unitary authourities of middlesbrough, redcar & cleveland, stockton-on-tees, and hartlepool. Technically i suppose i dont live in a county but i consider my self to live in north yorkshire, which i understand middlesbrough was a part of before some one thought up the county of cleveland. i'm sure there are people in other parts of the uk who are in a similar situation. where does the question of county leave us?

  8. I live in England, UK, and the price of petrol is £1.03 a litre which roughly works out at $8 a gallon in USA money if my guess is correct. Fortunately there are a lot of caches reasonably close to where i live and plenty of opportunity to hide caches.

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