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  1. At any rate, note has been posted using the squib term. Thanks for the help!
  2. HA! Suddenly, noting that the muggles are actually squibs doesn't sound so reassuring! ?
  3. It's a very easy process, and easily undone in the same manner. If you do lock it, just remember to post a Note that you're going to lock it, so send a message if logging is needed. (Even you won't be able to post a log if it's locked.)
  4. You couldn't say that you'd met Paul unless you personally shook his hand. I didn't know that this was common practice on the GC.com website. As far as looking for the exact wording, may I suggest you consider the difference between "the letter of the law" vs. "the spirit of the law"?
  5. Another worthy nominee: The friendly librarian. I have a library cache for which one must find the clue outside before moving forward. It has proven to be challenging to find that clue. I've read logs, and heard first-hand stories of the librarian giving great hints without completely giving away the location. Good on her!
  6. Came across this topic while searching for the term for a not-quite-muggle Muggle. I like the idea of an award for special Muggles! I would nominate my older brother. He's multiple types of engineer, so I called him up to run by him the workings for an idea I had for a gadget cache. "How are you going to keep it from doing *this*?" "Well, if you do *that*, then it might do *this*." Best piece of advice ever, "Use 'fender washers', not regular washers." It's seriously cut down on maintenance needs. But what makes him an exceptional candidate for Muggle of the Month is that he never once asked me WHY I was going to build such a contraption!
  7. Not being a follower of the books, I didn't know that term. Thanks! Is that some sort of hybrid non-wizard x wizard?
  8. Was planning to post a Write Note that there would be more than the usual number of folks near GZ on an upcoming particular day (not regularly). They'll be Muggles in the sense that they're non-players; however, they are fully informed about this particular cache so no need to be overly concerned, it won't increase the stealth factor. Is there already a universal term for such non-cachers who are aware of caching/caches? If not, what would you propose?
  9. Unfortunately, my schedule is too unpredictable to take advantage of the "caching with friends" aspect mentioned in the OP. Sounds like it could be fun ... for me, anyways. They might quickly tire of my bumbling about. So I have a pretty extensive and ever-expanding TOTT collection. ?
  10. I was a little disappointed when the Friends List was renamed "Leaderboard". While it always offered the opportunity to compare/compete, changing the name (I think) placed more emphasis on that aspect. I never used it for that. I started up the Friends List in anticipation of the Mary Hyde challenge. About 10 cachers who I met at a start-up event for that challenge, all much more experienced, and located 30-60 miles away. (There just weren't any located closer than that.) I did - and still do - enjoy seeing the logs that crop up in my "Community" feed. Many times I've seen a log on a cache that sounds interesting, and probably wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I didn't realize there was also the particular cache log filter, but since most of them leave very informative logs, I'll be using it ... just in case I hadn't already seen the logs in the feed. It's pretty rare that my Friends haven't already found a cache I'm hunting, so filtering the cache logs for a cache in anticipation of needing a nudge wouldn't really be necessary for me. I've never used the PAF option (prefer to fail all on my own), but I guess it would be good to know ... just in case.
  11. Reply to inquiry after online Found It log (emphasis is mine):
  12. They are ... still? Ownership after Publication
  13. Perhaps adjust the judgment a bit? While their verbal-linguistic skills might not match yours, their other types of intelligence may be off the charts. It was an eye-opener when my boss told me that he always had to proofread his exceptionally intelligent [and successful] architect spouse's blueprints for spelling errors.
  14. Yes, I've solved puzzles that used that ploy!
  15. Although it might seem a bit daunting to have to download and learn yet another program, I also recommend using GSAK. It's really the quickest and easiest way that I've been able to load what I want onto the 60CSx.
  16. Hm. I thought it would be off by the declination [but know very little about it]. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but from what I've read, in central Virginia and NC (where I do much of my caching), this could be around 8 degrees different.
  17. Were you thinking to require climbing to access the Stage? If not, could it be placed in an area that is public, such as a reception/registration area?
  18. If you KNOW it doesn't have one ... well, shucks! If you don't know, just Google [your phone type] magnetometer (or magnetic sensor), just on the off-chance that it's just not turned on. My phone does have a magnetometer; however, I wonder if many of the COs where I cache have their GPSrs set to True North when determining placement coordinates. (I do, because (unless otherwise instructed), required projections (around here) seem to be based on True North.) Perhaps this is why I have rarely found my phone compass to be of much use, except in getting to the general area?
  19. Yes, this was going to be my suggestion, too... as well as to mention that additional permission in the description.
  20. Something similar happened with one of mine. The Secret Garden, a wildlife habitat, was actually called that by the library where it's located. They decided to revamp the area, creating a brick walkway and courtyard with nice benches, with plantings only along the perimeter. I've considered re-naming it to The Double Secret Garden.
  21. Agreed! While you might not need instructions like that, others do - unfortunately - as confirmed not only by my own caches, but also by many threads containing mention of these very acts (or lack thereof). Many of my caches draw new cachers, and I deem including those simple instructions as part of a "preventive maintenance plan". Those instructions are at the end of cache descriptions 1) because it's chronologically correct (read, hunt, find, sign, replace), 2) if read last, it's possible it will be remembered better, and 3) experienced cachers can easily skip them without wondering if they're going to miss anything by doing so. 100% !
  22. Wish I had saved a photo of the cache logbook after the online log stated "The pencil was gone, so couldn't sign log." I know I sent it to the cacher who posted the log, but didn't save it. I happened to know this particular cacher, so know it was an honest mistake ... on her part, as well as mine. What I mean is: The pencil was painted black; the spiral binding was painted black. The pencil was tucked into the spiral binding. To her, it blended in so much that she couldn't see it. You might only understand if you're "of a certain age". (I laughed at her anyway.)
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